a colorful installation with thin lights woven throughout

Adela Andea, “Chaos Incarnate.” All images courtesy of Meow Wolf, shared with permission

More than 40 local and international artists have signed on for the fifth iteration of Meow Wolf Houston, an immersive exhibition vaulting viewers into an otherworldly universe of color and chaos.

Known for her fantastical creatures with intensely emotional eyes, Houston’s Ana María Ortiz will create a new work for the project that departs from what she’s done previously. The mural will be “closer to elements and ideas that I often keep reserved in my head. So I believe it will be a very honest and almost intimate representation of my feelings and imagination,” she tells Colossal.

Leaning into Meow Wolf’s mission to create “portals of possibility,” Adela Andea (previously) will install “The Adela Oceanic Trench,” a frenetic, kaleidoscopic work of LED lights, cables, and recycled plastics that envelop the space with luminous color. While working with synthetic materials, Andea entwines nature and technology “to make the point that in the future they will blend together, complement each other and fuse together,” she says.

For this project, Andea will install a piece similar to the  “Chaos Incarnate,” an immersive, otherworldly environment shown above. “For a more in-depth sensory experience, I will also incorporate projection and sound,” she says. “The installation will have my signature artistic flair, with a lot of chromatic elements, lights, and nature and technology convergence themes.”

Artists El Franco Lee II and Kill Joy, whose works are familiar sights in the Texan city, will also contribute to the new exhibition. The name, theme, and opening date of the 5th Ward location haven’t been announced yet, but you can follow updates on Meow Wolf’s Instagram.


a man types on a typewriter in prison while another stands behind him with his hands clasped in prayer and feathery angel wings

El Franco Lee II

an artist wearing a gas mask sits on the roof of a house painted in black and white with barbed wire-esque paintings on the side

Kill Joy

a painting of a long-eared rabbit with green tentacles surrounding it

Ana María Ortiz

a sculpture of a woman with tattoos on her hands and face and plants and animals surrounding her

Killy Joy

a mural of two birds, the left is pink, purple, and blue and the right is yellow, orange, and red

Ana María Ortiz

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