Morris Hirshfield (1872–1946) 1/ Angora Cat, 1937, oil on canvas. MoMA 2/ Lion, 1939. MoMA  3/ Mother Cat with kittens, 1941. © Robert and Gail Rentzer for Estate of Morris Hirshfield  4/ Leopard Family, 1943. Private Collection. 5/ Tiger, 1940. MoMA 6/ Cats ind the Snow, 1946. Private Collection 7/ Garden stand and Birds, 1945. Private Collection 8/ Zebras, 1942.

An immigrant tailor, slipper manufacturer in Brooklyn and self-taught artist who took up painting at the age of 65, Hirshfield attracted a great degree of attention during his brief career as an artist (1937-1946). His pictures were embraced by the Surrealists, collected by Peggy Guggenheim, and featured in a highly publicized one-man show at the Museum of Modern Art in 1943. Via American Folk Art Museum


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