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it’s 2018, and i know — we all tend to go overboard making ourselves ‘better’ this time of year. but hey, if a new calendar year helps you get motivated, i can’t find anything wrong with that, but baby steps when it comes to nourishing yourself is always a good idea. i’ve started my own version of the whole30 and while pretty much sticking to it 90%, and getting more exercise i feel really, really good. like, noticing a difference for certain. much more energy (crazy organizing happening over here!) and better skin and well, just a general feeling of well-being. i thought i’d round up a few things to help you off to a better year. i feel like if i can’t control the politics of the world right now, at least i can self-care myself into feeling better about life at present.

1. Spread good vibes with these groovy poster prints from Bohème. i like this particular message Save Our Planet Raise a Hippie. it’s never too late!

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2. i’ve started drinking more tea this year, too. when it’s chilly out it’s the nicest way to take a break and a lovely little ritual i’ve gotten very used to. this CHAY Organic Rose No. 2 Loose Tea is almost too pretty to drink; 3. For nearly 4,000 years, turmeric, known as “The Golden Spice”, has been used medicinally to soothe stomach ailments, enhance cognition, and traditionally to dye skin in wedding rituals. and in the kitchen, its mild citrus aroma and ginger notes lend warmth to dishes and make it one of the principal spices of East Asian cuisine. try this spice from ILĀ; 4. i don’t know if it helps keep me focused and organized, but i’ve also been diligently been keeping a loose journal of sorts. tracking my eating and exercise, things i’ve discovered that inspire me etcetera. these pretty notebooks from astier de villatte are so lovely you can’t help but want to keep writing in them.

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5. i’ve also noticed my sleep has improved since i’ve been eating better and getting more exercise and since getting a good night’s sleep has always been a bit of a demon for me, i take extra precautions and use a sleep mask. this pretty silk sleep mask is my go-to and comes in a variety of soothing colors.

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6. did you know you can brew loose tea in a french press? well, you can, and this Yield Design Glass French Press in Amber looks so pretty brewing, and displayed on your kitchen countertop, too.

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7. lighting is one of the most important aspects of good design and a calming environment, and i take my lighting very seriously. this werajane woven pendant lamp gives off some seriously good vibes, and beautiful mood light. check out their whole collection; 8. i’m really into this Fair Trade Nepali Rope Incense — made of eight healing Himalayan herbs including juniper, camphor, saldup, and asta sugandha and all hand rolled into fine rice paper — oh, and it smells divine; 9. i may be turning into a hippie in my old age — never too late, right? i think this Peace Sign Hand Candle is kinda cool, although i may never want to burn it. peace out, man; 10. also a favorite of mine are these sweet Palo Santo Incense Match Sticks. their scent creates a super relaxing and the calming fragrance, perfect for meditation and just plain chilling out.

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11. i’ve been super into organizing lately, and i quite like this Marte Storage Cabinet from urban outfitters for stashing away all my accouterment in style. i can see this natural looking beauty working well in both a bedroom and a bathroom.

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12. a long time fan of aesop products, i recently discovered this handy three pack of some of my favorites. the Set comprises three harmonious products that work well together for top-to-toe care in Warm botanical fragrances: Rose By Any Other Name Body Cleanser, Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm and Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol (my top favorite — just spritz when you’re feeling stressed).


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