Meta Quest 3 and its controllers on a table with black background

Meta is leaking devices on Threads for those who are eagle-eyed enough to see it.

Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth posted a video (via TechRadar) on Threads that’s meant to showcase some new VR software features, but that’s not why it’s interesting. At one point, you can see a white Meta Quest headset on a desk in the background that is clearly neither the Quest 2 nor Quest 3, but something that has elements of both.

Folks seem to think this is a glimpse at the rumored Quest 3S, a budget-friendly version of the Quest 3.

Meta Quest 3S leaked?

To be more specific, per TechRadar, the headset in the video has a white plastic exterior like the Quest 2, but different cameras on it that could perhaps enable some of the cooler passthrough/XR stuff that’s in the Quest 3. Recently, some vague store listings for the Quest 3S appeared in Meta’s online storefront, so this appears to be a real thing.

Unfortunately, that’s about all we can definitively say about the device at the moment. From a quick glimpse in the background of a Threads video, all you can really tell is that it looks more like a Quest 2 than a Quest 3. It’s not clear which controllers it uses (if any) or which features it offers.

Maybe this will be the thing that finally gets us all to embrace the metaverse.