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i’m getting ready to get on the road again, so being the planner extraordinaire (or just plain old OCD) i’m making lists and packing for yet another trip. i don’t think i’ve ever traveled so much in one year, but i’m not complaining one bit, and i love that my job takes me to places i’ve never been before (or back to places i love!). this time i’m headed to copenhagen and it’s my first time, so i’m very excited. and if copenhagen is on anyone else’s list of go-to spots, i got an amazing number of recommendations on this instagram post, so have a look. it’s not my first time traveling though, so i’m getting really good at packing light, and packing smart! i thought i’d share some of my favorites with you, along with a few of my travel tips.

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i always bring a sleep mask because number one, you can sleep on the plane and if you bring a pretty one like these silk masks, you won’t look too ridiculous  — and two, you never know how bright your hotel room might be and sleeping in is a luxury i like to indulge in on holiday. also – comfy socks to slip on during the flight (my feet always get cold and i need to be comfy and remove my shoes!).  i like to have a spray-on facial hydration to spritz (in the loo — not in the plane as they frown on that!) and aesop is my favorite scent. i like to peruse travel guides for wherever i’m headed to get me in the mood for my destination and this time it’s herb lester’s Copenhagen: The Good Life: A Guide to the Usual & Unusual.

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when i’m flying to europe, i’ve learned it’s nice to book an overnight flight because you can (hopefully) sleep the whole way there after dinner and an in-flight movie. i notice i wake up a lot less jetlagged if i do this — and i’ve been known to take a Benadryl or Tylenol PM to help me sleep. if you’ve got something stronger, by all means — enjoy your zzzzz’s. a travel pillow and comfy throw are imperative since one’s never sure if the airline will provide you with one these days. i also bring my kindle because it’s extra small and i can read or watch my own movies and tv shows (don’t forget your euro plug adapters for when you arrive). i also bring dark sunglasses and noise-canceling headphones that say “don’t talk to me” just in case i don’t fall in love with my seatmate — never hurts to be prepared should you choose to just shut down for the flight. plus, i make a travel music mix on my iphone for chill air time. i also pack an empty water bottle to fill up before boarding (but after TSA) –  i like memo bottles cuz they’re flat and easy to pack in my carry-on. and don’t forget a clear carry-on bag for your makeup (also TSA mandatory). oh, and don’t forget your travel toothbrush and toothpaste because there’s nothing worse than jetlag with bad breath.

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let’s see what else can i share? i always take a snapshot of my credit cards and my passport just in case of an emergency (like a lost or stolen wallet – heaven forbid!). i found out you can order euros or any other foreign currency through your bank and pick the cash up prior to leaving for the best exchange rate. also — call your bank and credit card companies to let them know you’re traveling overseas because sometimes if they note irregular usage they’ll freeze your card and having had that happen it is no good! i try and pack light (but admit to over packing in the past and have unhappily lugged suitcases up many a staircase to prove it). i like the extra light (under 10 lbs.) 21″ suitcases with spinner trolley wheels. also, a lot of hotels have blowdryers so call and check before you pack your own — i’m trying out this compact flat iron, so i’ll let you know how i like it. i pack silk pj’s because they roll up to nothing — oh and rolling your clothes as opposed to folding really does allow you to bring more because they take up much less room (i challenge myself to roll my clothes as tight as possible). i also bring a couple of baggu nylon totebags for shopping at farmers and flea markets. and sneakers! i know we wanna look glam but i logged 21,000 steps in one day the last time i was in paris, so my favorite comfy but still pretty cute sneakers are Keds Kickstart Leather Fashion Sneaker. i have two pair and i swear by them (plus you can wash them!). i’m also trying out these cute dansko clogs — because well, it is denmark afterall. okay — that’s all i can think of right now! follow my instagram for loads of copenhagen coming your way!

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