Would you live in a 27.5-square-metre apartment? That question might elicit another in response: How? In Quito, designers Juan Alberto Andrade and María José Váscones figured out the logistics — through elegant design. As necessity is forever the mother of invention, they created something called Doméstico, an all-in-one micro-architecture — or macro-furniture — piece that contains a Swiss Army knife’s assortment of storage, along with a kitchen, a bed and more of the amenities that turn a space into a home.

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When we think about home, we often think of its comforts — especially during the winter months. How can we craft interiors to maximize a sense of spiritual warmth? The stories in this issue present a myriad of approaches to sculpting space within a range of footprints. On the West Coast, we spend time at two other homes: a new build in West Vancouver by BattersbyHowat and a renovation of a 1974 house in Noe Valley, San Francisco, by Studio Terpeluk. Inspired by their similar geographical settings, each project introduces abundant light and nature – and incredible artworks – through bold new moves.


We also sit down with Róisín Lafferty, a Dublin interior designer breaking all the rules by bringing rich jewel tones and material blocking into her ever-expanding portfolio of residences. Her work, taken together, implicitly asks us, Why can’t our homes be more like our personalities: individual, eclectic, brilliant? As the designers of all these spaces show, they can and should be — regardless of how large or small their footprints are.


A Burst of Colour in Cabo Verde

Out Now: Azure’s Nov/Dec 2022 Issue on Residential Interiors

Photo by Sergio Pirrone.

Inspired by vernacular building and collaborating with local trades, Ramos Castellano Arquitectos adds a colourful new addition to the National Centre for Art, Crafts and Design in Mindelo, Cabo Verde.

The Next Generation

Standout new furniture designers in 2022 included Kickie Chudikova.

Portrait by Aurélie Jouan.

Brooklyn’s Kickie Chudikova is one of three rising talents we profile who are contributing bold new expression to the world of industrial design.

The Lights Fantastic

Out Now: Azure’s Nov/Dec 2022 Issue on Residential Interiors

Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson

As part of our Spotlight on Lighting, we visit New York’s legendary Rockefeller Center, where INC Architecture & Design’s brilliant scheme revives the rink concourse.

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