Shanghai Shenyuan Buliding Design created a space with both sophistication and a relaxed feel for the Pan-China Certified Public Accountants Offices in Beijing, China.

Pan-China’s Beijing office is located in Fengtai District. Founded in 1983, Pan-China is one of the first large-scale national accounting and auditing service providers with the qualification of auditing A+H share companies.

The new office shows Pan-China’s corporate culture and modern office concepts of health, green and sharing.

It has been suggested that people suffer from “Nature-Deficit Disorder”. In the office, this phenomenon can cause employees to feel stressed and depressed.

Biophilic design provides a solution to these problems. In this office, greenery plays a very important role.The lobby area seems to be a “city garden”, rich greenery enhances the connection between man and nature, and green energy brings good mood to every visitor.

This office supports employees in switching between work states in an agile manner, and they can choose their office location flexibly according to their tasks.

Between the two rows of open workstations, there is a multi-person collaboration area, which is configured to minimize the impact of collaborative discussions on the surrounding workstations through a certain degree of privacy.

In the lobby area, the Renown sofa was chosen to create a formal reception area, where daily visitors can be received and short talks can be held…

NOVAH has teamed up with clients and designers to create a healthy and diverse office.

Design: Shanghai Shenyuan Buliding Design
Photography: courtesy of Pan-China Certified Public Accountants

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