Udesign Architecture designed the Papko Art Collection offices with focus on their mission and vision in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ralli Apartment, one of the most special and historical apartments in Nişantaşı, is of great importance especially in terms of art history. The office of Papko Foreign Trade, which was built inside this historical building that is built in the 19th century, was designed as an addition to the art gallery of Papko in the same apartment. A separate piece of art is exhibited on all walls of the office area, which combines work with art and gives an artistic atmosphere to the employees and bonds them more with the work they do. The design is dominated by dark wood tones and at the same time, the furniture is chosen in a minimal style so that the exhibited works are highlighted.

The entrance section opens to the working area, the waiting area and the kitchen. When we go to the waiting area, a colorful painting and various sculptures welcome us. This area is also connected to the meeting room. There is a transition from the meeting room to the rooms of 2 managers. The lounge area can be accessed through the office. Again, the Lounge area, where the artworks are located, is integrated with minimal furniture. It is designed in a simple yet elegant way.

Design: Udesign Architecture
Design Team: Umut Uzuner, Caner Seymen, Turker Beyazoglu, Nilay Kabas
Photography: Ibrahim Ozbunar

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