Stronger than steel but 5x lighter, PITAKA’s MagEZ cases use the same aramid fibers (also known as Kevlar) found on bulletproof vests and spacecrafts.

It isn’t often that you find a case that looks better than the phone itself, but that’s an art PITAKA seems to have perfected. The company’s woven aramid MagEZ cases look like haute-fashion for your phone, but give them durable protection within a lightweight design. The added benefit, however, is also the fact that these MagEZ cases give your phone MagSafe compatibility, allowing you to easily snap magnetic accessories (including PITAKA’s own products) right to the back of your phone. The MagEZ cases for Samsung’s newly launched Galaxy S24 come in three styles – a default black/grey weave, along with a gorgeous Sunset and a sublime Moonrise variant that look like woven sweaters for your smartphone. These just also happen to be bulletproof.

Designer: PITAKA

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The MagEZ Case 4 holds this unique distinction of ticking all the ‘good design’ boxes. It’s equal parts eye-catching, protective, lightweight, and just flawlessly impressive on a technological level. Most smartphone cases come molded out of plastic… but the MagEZ cases are woven. Built using PITAKA’s Fusion Weaving technology, the cases are woven using 600D aramid fibers, known for their incredible strength-to-weight ratio. The designs/patterns you see on the cases aren’t prints, they’re weaves that wrap around your phone, protecting every corner of your device from impact while giving it a uniquely fashionable aesthetic that you probably won’t get with any other smartphone case.

Even at their thickest point, the MagEZ cases are a mere 1.27mm thick (with a minimum thickness of 1.14mm), with an overall weight of 18.9 grams or 0.66 ounces. The cases are so thin that they sit around your phone almost like a second skin. However, their woven pattern gives them a tactile grip that allows you to hold your phone with confidence that it won’t accidentally slip out of your grasp, and even if it does, it’s protected by features like the protective camera lip that’s made from recycled aramid fibers left over from the case-making process.

As their name rightfully suggests, the MagEZ cases boast MagSafe capabilities, allowing even Android users to take advantage of the features and the convenience of MagSafe. The cases feature a highly discreet ring of magnets on the inside that fit snugly within their ultra-slim profile, allowing you to easily snap on PITAKA’s range of MagSafe accessories including the MagEZ Grip, MagEZ Card Sleeve, and MagEZ Slider 2.

The cases come in the three aforementioned colors for the S24, S24 Plus, as well as the S24 Ultra. They’re lightweight, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, highly grippy, and give your smartphone a gorgeous fascia that doesn’t feel like a compromise (unlike most boring-looking phone covers). The added benefit is that they’re practically indestructible, giving your cutting-edge smartphone the supersuit it needs to survive in this fast-paced world!

Click Here to Buy Now: $62.99 $69.99 (10% off with coupon code “S24-10%YD”). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!

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