Colliers Define found a dynamic balance in an industrial space for the Qualtrics offices in Krakow, Poland.

Qualtrics’ new headquarters challenges traditional approach to workplace design, showing that offices don’t have to be dull. The unique interior represents the company’s dynamic culture and combines a modern industrial vibe with local touches of rich heritage of Cracow’s local urban culture.

Qualtrics specializes in developing advanced customers and employees experience management software, building technology that closes experience gaps. The Cracow’s branch new office occupies 5500 sqm distributed over 3 floors in the High5ive building. Colliers Define architects, Agnieszka Ulatowska and Paulina Palmowska, were responsible for creating the interior design concept, and architectural supervision.

The Qualtrics office was designed to provide employees with optimal space for effective work that facilitates face-to-face cooperation and community building, while resonating with the informal and experimentative Qualtricians culture.

The functional layout, developed jointly with the Qualtrics team, supports both types of zones – focused work spaces and collaboration areas that build a sense of community. These include spacious kitchens and a variety of spots for relaxation or informal interaction.

Performing individual tasks requires a certain level of focus. This is ensured by spacious and thoroughly soundproofed open space areas, which are neighbored by the various sizes meeting rooms. Broad range of additional spaces fosters collaboration, creativity and information exchange. Worth highlighting are themed social spaces and kitchens located on each floor:

  • Coffee Roasters – the largest of the social zones, where the interior is guided by a raw, industrial style. This gourmet coffee space gives employees an access to a variety of quality coffees and coffee machines. It also serves as a venue for corporate gatherings, where large events are held on a regular basis. On a daily basis employees can enjoy lunches provided by a catering company.
  • Arcade Kitchen – a vibrant space designed for entertaining employees integration. The arrangement is reminiscent of arcade pub, where a colourful and dynamic atmosphere has been achieved by equipping it with neon lights, arcade machines, diverse board games, Playstation, foosball or table tennis. Employees like to meet up here for board games even after work or drop by on the weekends with their kids to show them the office.
  • Streetfood kitchen – a nod to the bustling street eateries, kitchen cabinetry inspired by street food container style. Various dining areas are decorated with distinctive light garlands and pallet decors.
  • For employees looking to disconnect and rejuvenate, the “Botanical garden” offers a serene green retreat to enjoy a quick “digital detox”. This oasis of peacefulness, full of warm, relaxing lighting and cozy materials, meets with great interest from employees. Massage chairs and soft furniture spread out in different parts of the office offer further possibilities for relaxation.

Prioritizing employee well-being, the space also boasts dedicated zones like an employee-inspired gym, much popular yoga room, and a climbing wall with additional areas equipped for stretching and spinal care. Such thoughtful design elements don’t just cater to the present needs of employees but also foster a culture of health, integration and holistic well-being.

The company’s distinctive atmosphere of casualness and fun is evident on every floor at the entrance area already. Traditional reception-type solutions were not to be implemented. They were instead designed in a form of spaces such as aforementioned skatepark and botanical garden.

One of the primary challenges was the integration of three distinct floors. An elegantly conceived internal staircase not only connects spaces but also fosters a sense of unity, facilitating seamless communication and integration. Vivid graphic present in the staircase space compliments the raw nature of the office.

The industrial atmosphere is offset by distinctive, colorful elements extracted directly from the youthful street culture. While the design is global in its appeal, the local touches – ranging from graphics reminiscent of Cracow’s charm to decorative elements co-created by employees – ensure that the space is firmly rooted in its locale. One of the co-created elements is mural, which symbolically and playfully depicts the cities that are homes to Qualtrics headquarters.

Qualtrics’ Cracow headquarters is not just a workspace, it’s a manifestation of a commitment to a healthy organisational culture and authentic caring for staff wellbeing in all aspects. Through intentional design and an unyielding focus on both the physical and psychological wellbeing of its users, it truly epitomizes “a healthy workspace for a healthy culture”.

Design: Colliers Define
Design Team: Agnieszka Ulatowska, Paulina Palmowska, Maja Bielecka, Monika Gut-Kintzi
Photography: Adam Grzesik

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