A rebrand is a sign of change. Recognising its unique offer and keeping ahead of the ever-shifting world of design, Shade Factor has revealed an all-new look.

As experts in sun-shading technologies, the Shade Factor team has crafted what can only be described as a unique perspective in making commercial and residential visions a reality. And with a portfolio of tackling complex projects and ideas, Shade Factor has unique technology unlike anyone else.

Shade Factor is renowned for providing quality comprehensive solutions for architects, homeowners and builders using German manufacturing, rigorous engineering processes and client focused services. And the new branding reflects that and more.

With an eye for design that tackles the big picture, the big ideas, and the big projects, Shade Factor’s new rebranding encapsulates its driving ethos. From Every Angle embodies the brand’s identity in evocative and personal ways, which is underlined by drawing attention to its core values: Premium, Precision, Trust and a Holistic Approach. 

Comprising a new logo, colour palette, and the brand’s essence, From Every Angle speaks of Shade Factor’s phenomenal abilities in contemporary, sleek solutions. Peter Skinner, director at Shade Factor, says on the rebranding, “We felt it was time to capture in our corporate identity the true ethos of our company which has always been about sourcing and inventing better products for comfortable and sustainable living.”

The new logo From Every Angle perfectly represents Shade Factor’s ethos in incredible shading design solutions. It also signifies a shift to evolve with the times and provide unique bespoke creations for all projects big and small.

The new logomark takes inspiration from a traditional sundial.  Highlighting the elongated beauty of shadow casting and the important roll it can play.

Skinner puts it all down perfectly, saying, “From Every Angle captures the commitment at Shade Factor to providing exceptional service and shading products to homeowners and quality technical and strategic advice across commercial project teams from architects, investors and façade engineers to sustainability consultants and cost planners. We are proud to be a leading contributor to the engineering of better-performing buildings.”

External Venetian Blinds by Warema | Photography: Nicholas Smith

External Venetian Blinds by Warema | Photography: Nicholas Smith

External Venetian Blinds by Warema | Photography: Nicholas Smith

External Venetian Blinds by Warema | Photography: Nicholas Smith

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