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“Design is Shaolin kung fu where art is bare-knuckle fist fighting. I mean, artists can do whatever they want for their art and this liberation is the point of what they do. Design on the other hand has disciplines with givens, and to ignore these misses the point of designing. Good art communicates ideas — good design serves a function, and the story this creates is inspiring.”

Ross Didier’s statement for his Melbourne-based independent design studio and production company Didier — founded in 2001 — reflects the spirit of the founder and his products: bold and approachable at the same time. Having studied both industrial design and fine art sculpture, Didier knows exactly what he is talking about. He likes to experiment and collaborates with craftspeople to create furniture adapted to the human body. Ranging from accessible and affordable utilitarian to high-end luxury designs, Didier’s products fit any type of interior, whether it is a private home, a commercial space or a public environment.


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Didier Caldera Table Yellowtrace
Caldera Table.

Didier Crevasse Table Yellowtrace
Crevasse Table.

Didier Fable Oak Collection Yellowtrace
Fable Oak Collection.

Didier Fable Oak Chair YellowtraceFable Oak Chair.

Didier Bombala Out YellowtraceBombala Out Chair.

Didier Elfin Oak Yellowtrace
Elfin Oak Collection.


“My design language is very much about storytelling, which is why I am interested and open to all production techniques for manufacturing — from traditional hand skills, contemporary machining to the experimental”, Didier says.

Featuring voluptuous shapes, the modular, laid-back and bohemian chic Puffalo Lounging Collection offers multiple combinations thanks to 20 individual modules adaptable to spaces of different sizes. “Like the love child of Moncler and Jaguar’s E-Type, the Puffalo just begs you to lounge”, Didier says. “Slow down, chill out and feel yourself descending into slow motion. It is perfect for the now grown-up slacker generation who just loves to be close to the ground. It might bring back memories of lazy afternoons playing records, flicking through magazines and just doing … whatever.”


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Didier Puffalo Lounge Chair YellowtracePuffalo Lounge Chair.

Didier Puffalo Lounging Sofa YellowtracePuffalo Lounging.

Didier Puffalo Lounging Photo Mike Baker Styling Heather Nette King Yellowtrace
Puffalo Lounging. Photo by Mike Baker. Styling by Heather Nette King.

Didier Puffalo Lounging Photo Mike Baker Styling Bree Leech Yellowtrace
Puffalo Lounging. Photo by Mike Baker. Styling by Bree Leech.

Didier Puffalo Lounging Photo Mike Baker YellowtracePuffalo Lounging Segments.

Didier Puffalo Lounging Curved YellowtracePuffalo Lounging Curved.

Didier Puffalo Lounging Leather Photo Mike Baker Yellowtrace
Puffalo Lounging Leather. Photo by Mike Baker.


Designed and manufactured in Melbourne with solid timber frames and steel spring support, it comprises Green Star-rated premium foams, and loose cushions in three complementing sizes filled with 100% washed and sterilised duck feather.

As a continuation of this collection, Puffalo Universal Group is ideal for bringing more relaxed workspaces to life.

“With the increasing importance of creating interiors able to pivot to new circumstances, Puffalo Universal is a timely contribution to the future of interior architecture”, Didier says. Indeed, the line’s range of compact and modular pieces — including sofa modules, ottoman modules, side tablet tables, back-desking modules and dividing screens in linear or curved form — provide ergonomic comfort with infinite possibilities. “I wanted to fabricate this seating so you could not feel the internal hard framing, which is rare. A good seating experience should provide a valued sensation whether you are conscious of it or not.”


Didier Puffalo Universal Group Photo Didier Yellowtrace
Puffalo Universal Group elements.

Didier Puffalo Universal Group Screen YellowtracePuffalo Universal Group freestanding screen.

Didier Puffalo Universal Group Desk YellowtracePuffalo Universal Group desk.

Didier Puffalo Universal Group Setting Photo Didier Yellowtrace
Puffalo Universal Group Setting.


Puffalo Universal Group Animation.


In addition to focusing on high functionality, the multiple combinations offered by Puffalo Universal Group also look beautiful.

“The intended design was to create an inviting, relaxed and open residential spirit into the atmosphere that can drift [between] workspace and public environments,” Didier explains. “I like the idea of furniture being able to help enrich the conversation and spark the imagination, and I like the idea that modular furniture can be enjoyable to build.”

Next year (2021) will be a milestone for the company, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary. After two decades in business, Didier has stayed true to the concept from its debut, continuing to blur the lines between sculptural aesthetics and designed function in an always surprising and playful way.


Didier recently launched their own app — Didier Furniture — available as a free download via the App Store. The app allows people to play with building and customising the complete Puffalo modular collection including the deluxe Puffalo lounging range and the new Puffalo Universal Group across the modular sofas, desking, free-standing screens, and side tablet tables.


Didier Fable Outdoor Yellowtrace
Fable Outdoor Collection.

Didier Fable Outdoor Stool YellowtraceFable Outdoor Stool.

Didier Fable Outdoor Set YellowtraceFable Outdoor Setting.

Didier Liqueur Table Yellowtrace
Liqueur Table.

Didier Tiller Chairs Yellowtrace
Tiller Chairs.

Ross Didier Portrait Yellowtrace
The man himself – Mr Ross Didier.


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[All images courtesy of Didier. Photography by Mike Baker and Didier.]


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