Sangmin Oh Knitted Lights Alcova Yellowtrace 01Sangmin Oh with his Knitted Light installation at Alcova 2023.


Sangmin Oh Acropora Of Knitted Light Alcova Photo Osangmin Studio Yellowtrace 02Acropora of Knitted Light at Alcova. Photo by Osangmin Studio.


Netherlands and Korea-based Sangmin Oh‘s Knitted Lights is a collaborative project crafted with the Textile Museum in Tilburg. Sangmin’s visually arresting project merges light and textiles, knitting a rich tapestry of narratives inspired by the captivating beauty of glowing coral reefs.

Unique materials like monofilament thread and flexible elastic yarns are ingeniously used to create knitted 3D forms. In the play of light, the textile transforms from a natural-looking sculpture to an ethereal entity that glows even in darkness, mirroring the radiant but threatened coral landscapes. Sangmin’s mesmerising spectacle, shown at Alcova 2023, serves as a call to preserve the natural world’s exquisite beauty.


Sangmin Oh Acropora Dendrogyra Of Knitted Light Alcova Photo Osangmin Studio Yellowtrace 03Acropora Dendrogyra Of Knitted Light at Alcova. Photo by Osangmin Studio.


Sangmin Oh Knitted Lights Yellowtrace 05aA series of Sangmin Oh’s Knitted Lights. Photo courtesy of Osangmin Studio.


Sangmin Oh Knitted Lights Rademakers Gallery Blue Dendrogyra 01 Yellowtrace 09Blue Dendrogyra for Rademakers Gallery.

Sangmin Oh Portrait Photo Patty Van Den Elshout Textiel Museum 08Photo by Patty Van Den Elshout.


Sangmin Oh established his design & art practice, Osangmin Studio, in 2021. He is influenced by sculptural crafts, textile techniques, colour of explored materials and architectural elements with an unusual focus on the trivial and small empty spaces.

“I want to fill up those brief, empty spaces,” he explains. “They can be filled up with emotional or visual stories and even with new realisations.”


Sangmin Oh Knitted Light Photo Juliana Verastegue Bayle Yellowtrace 13Sangmin Oh with his creations. Photo by Juliana Verastegue Bayle.


Sangmin Oh Knitted Light Photo Ronald Smits Yellowtrace 12aGlowing in the dark! Photo by Ronald Smits.


Sangmin Oh Knitted Lights Yellowtrace 06

Sangmin Oh Knitted Lights 2022 Yellowtrace 07


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