Making a unique contribution to both ceiling aesthetics and acoustic control, Woven Image has  recently expanded its acoustic range with Fuji. Using the Array hardware, Fuji tiles can be directly fixed to the ceiling or suspended in varying configurations of number, spacing, tile size, colourway, barrel kit and suspension height.

Fuji Roku in colourway 299, EchoPanel Ohm in colourway 908

A nod to the Japonisme trend

Fuji comes in three sizes, Roku, Juni and Ku, and in four colourways (including dual colours). Inspired by modern Japonisme, all tiles exhibit art deco curves alongside reinterpreted linework reflecting the design of the original embossed acoustic panel, Zen. Roku is the smallest square-shaped 3D acoustic tile in the Fuji range; Juni is characterised by its long rectangular shape; and Ku is the larger square-shaped, acoustic tile.

Fuji’s sculpted 3D forms and muted colour palettes enhance a whole room, especially with coordinated wall finishes, like EchoPanel® Ohm and Zen. Fuji applications include, but are not limited to, a suspended conference table feature, and large-scale acoustic ceiling solutions for offices and public spaces. Off-the-shelf lighting solutions can also be easily integrated into the design.

Fuji Roku & Juni in colourway 908 (Direct Fixed)

Starting from the top

The design of Fuji was a multi-stage process, starting with a “concept” stage that involved five months of prototyping. After the recent success of Array and fueled by an interest in acoustic ceiling solutions, the design team wanted to create a nodal 3D product, with organic patterns, linework and textural elements, that could utilise the existing Array hardware and compliment other products in the range. “The design language sought to tie in with the subtle ribs and linework textures of the Zen and Pico products and provide a soft quiet aesthetic,” Woven Image said.

Fuji Roku 299 (Suspended)

Stage two involved the setup of tools and reconditioned machinery, a process which took one-and-a-half years. Early prototypes of Fuji resembled the famous energy dome helmets worn by American new wave band Devo, but by the end of the process, the tiles captured the specific dimensions required to achieve the product’s unique design and acoustic performance.

To create their 3D shape, Fuji tiles are manufactured in a production facility in regional Australia, which supports local manufacturing. Each tile is made using solar energy and is sustainably made using 64% recycled PET. Barrell kits are designed to match the linework of the Fuji tile, as well as being functional in their easy-to-grip textured surface.

Fuji Ku in colourway 550 Suspended Detail Above

Practical acoustics for shared spaces

Fuji is not only visually impressive, but it also offers excellent acoustic control. The best indication of the product’s acoustic performance is by its equivalent Absorption Area indices measured in Sabins, which shows Fuji’s exceptional ability in absorbing mid to high sound frequencies. This quality makes it perfect for office environments in which conversation, typing and music are commonplace.

Fuji delivers its greatest display as a 3D acoustic ceiling solution as a suspended feature. A simple drop from the ceiling creates an air gap above the product, which significantly increases its absorption potential. This gap, with the top and bottom of the product exposed, provides acoustic absorption around 30-40% better than when directly fixed to a substrate.

Woven Image - Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles
Fuij Roku in colourway 299

Fuji achieves an excellent Weighted Alpha (αw) rating of 0.70. As a measure, Weighted Alpha is the best representation of how the human ear perceives sound, making it the most reliable and trusted acoustic performance measure available.

View Woven Image’s range of acoustic ceiling solutions here.

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