one of my biggest crushes of late is ceramic artist and painter ginny sims. born in little rock, arkansas, and now a resident of minneapolis, minnesota, ginny has apprenticed in somerset, england, and has worked at potteries in both italy and scotland — so one might say ginny is a bit of an artistic melting pot. her unique ceramic works and paintings had me instantly smitten, and i’ve been attempting to acquire one of her pieces for some time now, but because i’m not the only one in love with her ceramics, they literally fly off her shelves the moment she posts them in her online shop. ginny creates what i think of as quite whimsical pieces, but she sees her work as ‘functional and sculptural objects that are highly narrative” and, for inspiration, looks to different moments in ceramic history and incorporates the cultural information she finds there with present-day social and political experiences.

ginny’s color palettes and shapes evoke an italian countryside for me, imperfectly beautiful and very collectible pieces of pottery to eat off of, sip from or simply display. she also paints and has a most inspiring visual sketchbook i think you’d like to have a long look at. ginny has also recently launched a show in paris with @ofrparis and has an upcoming book release i’m anxious to hear more about. in the meantime, follow her instagram account @ginnysimsceramics to hear about her next product release in early november — and mark your calendars when the sale is announced because her incredible ceramics go in an instant. here’s a glimpse of ginny’s world.

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• photography credits: all photos courtesy of ginny sims and @ginnysimsceramics.


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