hand-dyed ribbons from tono co. in ombre shades of pink. / sfgirlbybay

via pinterest i stumbled on the prettiest small business, which gave me the idea that a shop small series might be timely right now, so we can collectively help some of these small, independent shops stay afloat during this really challenging time. this online shop is just as stunning as their products are — as you’re soon about to see. meet Tono Co — with a collection gorgeous ribbons, wearables like scarves and hankies, styling kits (genuis!), and textiles (and even scraps) are carefully hand-made by a small team of artisans in the tono studio in Santa Ana, California. it’s like a dream resource come true for designers, seamstresses, brides to be, florists, stylists, photographers or anyone just aching to create beautiful things right now.

tono co artisanal hand-dyed ribbon and scarves. / sfgirlbybay

Tono Co is the passion project of Janelle Nicole Wylie, owner of the floral company Lavenders Flowers. Working closely with brides for almost a decade, color became the natural center of Janelle’s work leading her to the tradition of hand-dyeing fabrics. Tono Co finds its inspiration in the first-hand knowledge Janelle gained while studying painting & color theory in Florence, Italy. In Italian, Tono refers to the gradual increase in color tone, creating a fluid color spectrum. Through the learning process of mixing oil paint, Janelle developed a sensitivity to color tone. Her passions for combining color and texture have evolved into the art of hand-dyed textiles. her presentation of these stunning textiles is so soothing to the eyes and she writes a beautiful blog, too — so if your eyes are in need of something sublime, let’s visit Tono Co.

hand-dyed colorful ribbons from tono co. / sfgirlbybay

sheer pastel hand-dyed textiles from tono co. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring imagery featuring hand-dyed tono co. textiles. / sfgirlbybay

paint swatches and hand-dyed ribbon samples in ombre shades of pink. / sfgirlbybay

lavender silk button down blouse and ombre purple ribbons. / sfgirlbybay

pastel hand-dyed tono co. ribbons and matching paint swatches. / sfgirlbybay

hand-dyed ribbon and scarves from tono co. / sfgirlbybay

hand-dyed artisan ribbon from tono co. / sfgirlbybay

hand-dyed textiles from tono co. / sfgirlbybay

hand-dyed raw ribbon made by tono co. / sfgirlbybay

• photography courtesy of Tono Co.

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