Retail rules and takes centre stage, when shopping is on the agenda. Walking into a beautiful designed store that provides an optimum setting to showcase products is always a thrill and the shortlist for The Retail Space category at the 2022 INDE.Awards, is filled with projects that simply sell themselves.

The INDE.Awards will be announced at the annual Gala ceremony on Thursday 4 August. Register now to join the live stream.

This year the projects are detailed in their simplicity and pared back aesthetics are the order of the day. Fine craftsmanship and precise spatial planning provide an experience for customers that is without equal.

While retail design is always varied, this year the projects are experiential showcases for both the products and the customer. Whether a gallery or a fashion boutique, a large shopping complex or an intimate bottle shop, the ingenuity of designers is at play and the results are stunning.

The interior palettes of many of the projects, while muted, are informed by the materiality of timber, stone, brick and glass with lighting that complements and highlights but is always appropriate to the design.

While dramatic and dark stores were stand outs last year, in 2022, retail projects are smooth, light and spacious. Each of the projects provide an interior that is welcoming with room to move, limited furnishings and clean displays.

Much has changed in retail design over the past few years and this year there is again a shift to more geometric forms, authentic materials and a spare aesthetic. Each project in the shortlist is, in a word, beautiful and representative of excellent design. In this shortlist not only is shopping designed to be fun, the places to visit, browse and buy are paragons of style themselves. Long live the retail experience.

In 2022, we welcome Platinum Partner Zenith on board as the category partner for the Retail Space. Zenith’s passion for innovative and industry-leading product design is closely aligned to this category, where the 2022 shortlist have displayed a penchant for boundary-pushing designs in the most amazing of spaces.

Join us in Melbourne for the gala party on 4 August when we will announce the winners of The Retail Space and all the categories of the 2022 INDE.Awards. It’s going to be quite a party!


The Retail Space

Proudly partnered by Zenith

INDE.Awards 2022 - The Retail Space shortlist
1855 The Bottle Shop @ MBS, by LAANK. Image by Studio Periphery.

1855 The Bottle Shop @ MBS

INDE.Awards 2022 - The Retail Space shortlist
A Brick & Mortar Shop, by L Architects. Images by Jovian Lim, Finbarr Fallon.

A Brick & Mortar Shop
L Architects

INDE.Awards 2022 - The Retail Space shortlist
Calibre, by SJB. Image by Felix Forest.


INDE.Awards 2022 - The Retail Space shortlist
Chinatown Country Club, by AWA Studio. Image by RL Studio.

Chinatown Country Club
AWA Studio

INDE.Awards 2022 - The Retail Space shortlist
Commercial Bay – Te Toki i te Rangi, by Warren and Mahoney with Woods Bagot & NH Architecture. Image by Sam Gould.

Commercial Bay – Te Toki i te Rangi
Warren and Mahoney with Woods Bagot & NH Architecture
New Zealand/Aotearoa

INDE.Awards 2022 - The Retail Space shortlist
Faradays, by Cheshire Architects. Image by Sam Hartnett.

Cheshire Architects
New Zealand/Aotearoa

Hafary Gallery, by Park + Associates. Image by Beixin & Robin.

Hafary Gallery
Park + Associates

House of Bamboo Showroom Transformation, by House of Bamboo. Image by Dorsen Creative.

House of Bamboo Showroom Transformation
House of Bamboo

LKNU, by Russell & George. Image by Sean Fennessy.

Russell & George

Sarah & Sebastian, by George Livissianis. Image by Tom Ferguson.

Sarah & Sebastian
George Livissianis

Superette, by DesignOffice. Image by Michelle Weir.

New Zealand/Aotearoa

Viktoria & Woods Chadstone, by DESIGN BY GOLDEN. Image by Timothy Kaye.

Viktoria & Woods Chadstone


The INDE.Awards will be announced at the annual Gala ceremony on Thursday August 4th. Register now to join the live stream.


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