let’s keep things simple today, shall we? and i mean that quite literally — i love these kinds of calming, still-life vignettes. i tend to think a clean, clear, and organized space opens the mind and allows us to soak up fresh, new ideas and keep our creativity sharp, so i’m in the process of a deep purge. have you ever read the book the artist’s way: a spiritual path to higher creativity? i had read it years ago, so i’ve decided to dive in and re-read it — the perfect thing for beginning a fresh year. it’s got some very thought-provoking ideas, including the practice of ‘morning pages’ — essentially, you sit down each morning and empty your thoughts onto a blank page in a running stream of consciousness. the idea being to clear your mind of clutter, enabling it to fill with more creative thoughts. i feel like decluttering and curating our homes can do something similar. free your mind, and your space, and everything else will follow.

there are a dozen design books (just below) i think you might find helpful in organizing your home in a simple but stylish way. organization doesn’t have to be a boring old chore; instead, think of it more in terms of curating your beloved books, cherished keepsakes, and ‘clutter’ with a bit of restraint and styling them in a more cohesive, aesthetically pleasing way. grouping ‘like’ objects together always improves balance, and stacking books can look effortlessly chic. another book making waves recently is the creative act: a way of being by rick rubin, which is all about cultivating the innate creativity that dwells within all of us, which i think applies to the home as much as anything else we do. you can also listen to this great podcast with rich roll to learn more about his creative thought process.

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