Are you familiar with Socmplxd? If not, you’re missing out on a talented artist who knows no bounds. Socmplxd is a visionary who seamlessly blends the worlds of film and fine art, creating unique and captivating pieces that are sure to leave a lasting impression. His artistic exploration revolves around capturing the ordinary facets of everyday life, resulting in digital realism that offers a unique perspective. Influenced by his experiences residing in Asia and the US, his distinct visual language draws inspiration from a blend of Eastern and Western cultures.



The artist’s creative focus is on contemporary still life and scenes, taking cues from a medley of traditions, pop culture, and the internet. Socmplxd’s background in the film industry as a set designer shines through in his latest series, where his adept use of staging and lighting takes centre stage. The hallmark of his digital art style lies in his graphic elements’ precision, simplicity, and sharpness.

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