summer colors / @sfgirlbybay


it’s real, real hot out there, people — and it’s even cooled down about 10 degrees, but darnit, it’s just not enough. and frankly, it puts me in a lazy mood. all i want is to be a kid again with long summers off! work, who wants to work? i just wanna hit the beach. but since, i mustn’t let you down, i am working, but i am pretending i’m in a colorful summer cottage. i hope that’s alright with you. i love bold pops of pinks and coral, paired with green and turquoise — so, so summery. and that’s how these spaces make me feel. no sunscreen necessary, but i’m feeling those warm, beachy vibes all over.


lobster & swan

backyard summer color / @sfgirlbybay

apartment therapy.

summer colors from lobster & swan / @sfgirlbybay

lobster and swan.

summer color / @sfgirlbybay

clockwise l to r: days of camille.; une nuit a bali.; minted print; Costas Picadas/DLux Images.; urban outfitters.; artstar.

summer color rugs & textiles / @sfgirlbybay



the design files.

summer color at loom & kiln / @sfgirlbybay

loom & kiln

summer colors from NYT / @sfgirlbybay

photography by trevor tondro for the new york times.

summer colors / @sfgirlbybay

turbulences déco.

summer greenery from lobster & swan / @sfgirlbybay

lobster and swan.

summer colors / @sfgirlbybay

ozonedesign lifestyle.

summer light / @sfgirlbybay

ike edeani