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i’ll admit it — i’m a bit of a bottle hoarder. i love saving beautiful bottles and upcycling them into pretty water carafes for serving at dinner parties, jars for fresh soups and salsas i’ve made, flower vases — you name it, i find a reason to reuse them. so when Patrón invited me to share their Art of Patrón Bottle Art Competition i thought, i’m into that challenge — plus it’s one of my very favorite tequilas! the competition celebrates the iconic Patrón bottle and encourages fans and artisans across the country to share their artistic vision, using Patrón’s signature bottle as inspiration, for a chance to win $10,000 and a national platform for their work — a very cool idea. and hey, win-win, because you can mix up some killer margaritas while you’re creating, right? because something has to be done with all that lovely tasting tequila so you’re left with that pretty bottle to start your project!

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we decided what a gorgeous terrarium the Patrón bottle would make and set to making that happen. it’s a narrow neck, so we thought how cool air plants would be for this project — they’re small and they can contract a bit to fit through the neck. and, we didn’t want just dirt to show through the green-tinted glass, but pretty pale stones and sand in pinks and greens. using a pair of long tweezers, our stones and sand, an air plant and some lovely pink crystals we created this very ‘green’ masterpiece in a very short amount of time — naturally, sipping some Patrón while we worked. you ready for the challenge? Patrón fans year after year have created incredibly unique pieces of art that honor the tequila bottle — entries have included everything from unique light fixtures and awe-inspiring candle holders and jewelry. This is the third annual competition that kicked off on July 11 and will run through October 14, 2016 — so anyone 21 years and older can visit the Art of Patrón Bottle Art Competition to enter by creating an original work of art or functional item that contains, is made from, or depicts any Patrón bottle or component thereof. so mix up some cocktails and get your creativity flowing!

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