The Dominating Brands in the Loyalty Reward App Space

Businesses are driven by the goal of maximizing profit, and customers are the main way of achieving this. Therefore, driving customer loyalty to their brand is one of the most important areas for a company to focus on. Loyalty reward apps have become a very popular method for businesses to use in this modern era of smartphones reigning supreme. These mobile apps allow customers to complete transactions on their phone, which are all tracked and awarded points based on the size of the purchase. The points are able to accumulate to a point where the customer can spend them on discounted merchandise and other exclusive offers. These rewards incentivize the customer to keep spending their money with a company and not their competitors. 

Due to this winning strategy, both the Apple and Android mobile app stores have been dominated by loyalty rewards apps. In the restaurant industry, there are a lot of recognizable franchises that populate the top 10 most downloaded app rankings, including Starbucks, Taco Bell, and McDonald’s. In the shopping industry, Temu, Etsy, and Amazon Shopping are some of the most popular apps. In the traveling industry, Delta Airlines is the clear winner, but other airline companies also take up a majority of spots. 

How Do Consumers Rate the Top Loyalty Rewards Apps

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