Laptops were designed for one thing only – portability. This means they were made to be slim, and to slip right into your backpack. Now that’s great considering how rapidly evolving our lifestyles and work environments are, but that’s terrible for actual functionality. When kept on a table, a laptop is far from ergonomic. The keyboard is flat, straining your wrists, and the screen sits barely an inch above the table, causing neck strain. Moreover, the laptop’s slim design can only fit so many ports, making the need for an extra USB hub highly necessary. Meet the CASA Hub Stand Pro, a pretty radical laptop stand that looks at solving both those problems. Boasting a design that lets you both adjust the height and angle of your laptop (and even rotate it if you choose), the CASA Hub Stand Pro’s secret sauce lies right underneath your laptop in the form of a detachable 6-in-1 multiport hub that lets you fast-charge your laptop with 100W power delivery, as well as connect an ethernet port to it, external drives, your phone, and even a 4K@60Hz display. Oh, and it’s made entirely from metal, helping your laptop with heat dissipation too!

Designer: ADAM elements

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Laptop Stand & Hub – The CASA Hub Stand Pro integrates stand, ergonomic adjustment, and USB-C hub functions.

Detachable Design – The lightweight hub works as either an integrated part of the stand or an independent device.

A winner of the 2023 Red Dot Product Design Award, the CASA Hub Stand Pro aims to be your laptop or tablet’s greatest sidekick. Its all-aluminum design is both robust as well as conductive, working as a heat sink that pulls heat away from your gadget, keeping it cool at all times. The stand itself lets you adjust your device’s height by up to 29 centimeters (11.4 inches), and get a maximum elevation angle of 180°, so your device can face you head-on at any height, for a perfect viewing experience, just like a monitor. The entire hub sits on a rotating base too, letting you swivel your machine 360° to face anyone, from you to someone sitting in front of you – making it perfect for collaborative work, or to just quickly reach ports on the side or back of your machine without needing to lift and rotate it.

Fits Personal View Angles – With a maximum elevation angle of 180 degrees and a height of up to 11.4″ (29cm).

Suitable for MacBook and iPad – Compatible with the M2/M1 MacBook and iPad series.

Stable & Durable – Virtually no laptop the CASA Hub Stand Pro cannot support.

Built to work with hefty 17-inch laptops and lightweight tablets, the CASA Hub Stand Pro can easily support loads of up to 3.5kg (7.7 lbs), with silicone pads and a raised lower lip to hold your device firmly in its position. Its high load-bearing capacity means it can take the weight of a laptop up to 3.5kg (that’s enough to comfortably hold your MacBook 16” or even a chunkier gaming laptop).

4K High-resolution – The hub supports super-crisp 4K@60Hz resolution and HDCP 2.2 encoding for perfect video streaming.

6 Multi-function Ports – For charging, video and data transmission.

The true secret sauce of the CASA Hub Stand Pro lies in the word Hub. More than just a stand, the CASA Hub Stand Pro gives your sleek laptop the second crucial set of features it lacks after ergonomics – an abundance of ports wrapped in a hyper-portable design. With 6 ports built into its design, the CASA Hub Stand Pro supports pass-through charging for your laptop, with an impressive 100W PD3.0 power delivery via USB-C. It comes with a right-angled cable too, fitting sleekly into your work setup without any wires jutting out. The other ports include another USB-C 3.1 Gen2 port capable of 5Gbps data transfers, two USB-A ports with the same 5Gbps data transfer speeds (perfect for hard drives), a 1000Mbps Ethernet port so you aren’t limited by your laptops’s WiFi connectivity, and a stunning 4K@60Hz HDMI port for connecting your pro monitor to your laptop for a secondary display. The hub sits in the crawl space beneath the stand, so it doesn’t eat into your tabletop space. It’s there when you need it, without adding any clutter to your setup, and its detachable design means you can remove it if you don’t need it too, freeing up the area underneath your laptop or tablet for keeping your phone, keys, AirPods, stationery, etc. The detached hub can be used as a standalone accessory too, and if you ever need to mount it back onto its stand, you can mount it with the ports either facing forward or backward, depending entirely on your needs.

The CASA Hub Stand Pro starts at $99.33 $129 (Use Coupon Code “23OFFYANKO” to get 23% off), giving your laptop the supercharged benefits of a powerful 6-in-1 hub as well as a versatile, adjustable stand for ergonomics and comfort. The CASA Hub Stand Pro begins shipping as early as July and comes with a remarkable 3-year warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $129 (23% off with Coupon Code “23OFFYANKO”). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!

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