The average full-time employee will spend 1,730 hours per year in the workplace. That’s a significant amount of time and, for some people, more time than they will spend at home with their family. This alone should be a good reason to make the workplace as pleasant as possible.

However, you may also like to know that a well-designed workplace can improve productivity and staff retention. That’s better for the bottom line. 

Fortunately, improving the workplace is easier than you may think. Here are seven great ideas to transform it.

  1. Listen  

It may be your business but the workplace really belongs to your employees. The secret to creating a happy workplace is to listen to your employees. You want to encourage them to share their thoughts, especially regarding how the workplace can be improved.

While there will certainly be some ridiculous ideas, the majority of your staff will make viable suggestions that are worth implanting. The fact that you’re listening will make a huge difference to the environment by itself.

  • Add Plants

You’ve probably got a plant or two inside at home. They look pretty. But, they also help to purify the air, keeping toxins out of the workplace. Plants are also known to boost your mood, encouraging people to work more efficiently. 

You should add a few plants to the workplace and encourage your staff to bring their own in. You’ll find a great selection at house plants UK and can even offer to purchase one plant per person. It’s amazing the difference it will make, just make sure they’re not too close to the electrics for when they are watered. 

  • Consider The Design

Your business has probably changed dramatically since the initial design. What worked when you started out may not be the best choice today. Think about the decision of your workplace, talk to the staff, and decide how it can be changed to improve the workflow and, therefore, the environment.

  • Change Color

The color of your office can make a big difference to productivity. You want bright pale colors that encourage a feeling of space. This will help your staff to stay positive and focus on the job at hand.

  • Create A Rest Space

It often goes against the principles of a workplace to encourage staff to rest. But, research has shown that short breaks throughout the day can really boost happiness and productivity. 

Consider where you can create a nice rest area and encourage your staff to use it periodically. You’ll need to trust them to be responsible. 

  • Change the Lighting

Lighting is essential to avoid your employees straining their eyes. It can also encourage them to be more accurate! It’s best to choose LED lights as these are natural and will help to boost energy levels. This will also increase productivity.

  • Artwork

You need artwork on the walls. Yes, some of the space needs to show the latest safety rules and regs. But, the empty gaps should be filled with artwork that your staff has chosen. It will help them to feel comfortable and inspired. 

Remember, the perfect workplace isn’t what appeals to you but what makes your staff happy. That makes them productive and loyal.

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