A group of men and women staring at something offscreen.

Something spooky is afoot in the latest trailer for The Watchers, another new summer movie from M. Night Shyamalan, who debuted his Trap trailer just last week.

The Watchers stars Dakota Fanning as Mina, a 28-year-old whose journey to a remote Irish forest goes disastrously awry. One moment, she’s driving through gorgeous, untouched nature. The next, she’s running for her life from an unseen threat. Her only shelter — a mysterious bunker in the middle of nowhere — turns out to be as good as a prison.

In this bunker, Mina and her fellow prisoners (played by Barbarian‘s Georgina Campbell, Outlander‘s Oliver Finnegan, and The Northman‘s Olwen Fouéré) serve as spectacle for an audience of mysterious creatures. No one knows who they are, what they look like, or what they want. But one thing is clear: They do not want any of their performers breaking out.

While M. Night (king of twists and beaches that make you old) serves as a producer on The Watchers, it’s his daughter Ishana Night Shyamalan who helms, making her directorial debut from her adapted screenplay of the A.M. Shine novel of the same name. Meanwhile, her sister Saleka Shyamalan appears in Trap as a pop star called Lady Raven.

So, this summer brings family fun in a sure-to-be wild way.

The Watchers hits theaters June 14.