Meet the Vilno FootRester™, your WFH BFF. Whether you’re working from home or an office, you probably spend upwards of 7 hours in one chair, in one posture, hunching in front of a screen. We weren’t designed for that sedentary lifestyle, so when your back aches, when your knees feel stiff, and when you just feel exhausted at the end of the day, that’s your body trying to tell you something – that you need to fix your posture and your lifestyle. In comes the FootRester, a footrest that fills the void in most current home/office setups. The elaborately designed footrest helps relax you, fix your posture, boost your focus, and keep your legs in a much more ergonomically comfortable position. With an adjustable design that features cushions and textured rollers, the FootRester also prevents your feet from cramping up. The massage rollers boost circulation, effectively reducing stress, relieving pain, and increasing productivity.

Designers: Danylo & Nazar Ozhho

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The FootRester is a 3-in-1 ergonomic, adjustable footrest designed to take the fatigue out of your sedentary lifestyle. Made from bamboo wood, the FootRester features a cylindrical cushion on its top, and a height-adjustable panel beneath with a memory foam foot-pillow on one side and a set of massage rollers on another. Designed to be used in a variety of configurations, the FootRester helps you relax, sit upright, massage your feet, or keep your leg muscles active while you work. It’s practically a miniature gym for your feet that also helps your body and mind whether you’re working or taking a break.

Made to be portable, the FootRester comes with built-in handles that allow you to lift and carry it around with you. It’s wide enough to fit under your desk, and the lightweight design means you can carry it to your sofa, dining table, or even the backyard. Rubberized feet ensure your FootRester firmly holds its position on any floor, without moving around.

Workday Pain Relief – FootRester™ lifts your legs so hips and knees are aligned, for less pressure on the lower body.

Eliminate Foot Tension – FootRester™ provides a supportive and comfortable resting surface for your feet. An elevated position helps to relieve pressure and reduce strain on the muscles and tendons in your feet.

Activate your Muscles During Sitting – Small movements activate the muscles in your legs and feet, preventing them from becoming static and stiff.

Force yourself to Sit Upright – FootRester™ elevates your legs. It creates a more natural spine, hips, and legs alignment. This positioning with stretching helps to prevent slouching or leaning forward.

The FootRester’s design essentially rehabilitates your sedentary lifestyle while still keeping you focused and productive. The cylindrical footrest on the top gets you to comfortably lean back and stretch out your spine after hours of hunching in front of a screen. Right below it lies a height-adjustable wooden panel with a foot-pillow that rocks back and forth, activating your knee and calf muscles, sort of like a fidget toy for your feet. Flip the panel over and you’ve got 6 wooden textured rollers that stimulate the underside of your feet, using acupressure to boost circulation to all parts of your body. The rollers massage your feet too, therapeutically reducing stress and anxiety.

The FootRester comes from the minds of Danylo and Nazar, two passionate innovators from Ukraine who believe the modern-day working lifestyle needs an ergonomic overhaul. Each FootRester comes made from high-quality bamboo plywood, known for its strength and ease of maintenance. The FootRester was designed to be used with or without shoes, and features two cushions with removable, machine-washable covers. You can choose between black, grey, or olive-green covers to match the rest of your home decor too… because once your feet get a taste of this bad-boy, you’ll be carrying your FootRester everywhere you go!

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $149 (40% off). Hurry, only 8/720 left! Raised over $95,000.

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