Pens as a writing instrument have stood the test of time and they’ll be timeless accessories for eternity. Those who cherish the joy of writing down stuff with their fountain or rollerball pen always appreciate the idea of investing in a quality option. The unique writing experience these writing instruments offer is unmatchable, making them a must-have everyday carry.

If you also love keeping a fountain pen handy, the Submarine Collection by TaG will interest you. The submarine-shaped fountain pen edition is developed in collaboration with Hou Xin-Yong, a highly experienced calligrapher with over 2 decades of expertise, and Lee Tai-Ying, the founder of a fountain pen club in Taiwan.

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The heart of the solid brass fountain pen is its ink-filling mechanism which is second to none. Simply dip the pen’s tailormade black PVD stainless steel nib from Schmidt (you can also choose the gold-plated nib version) into the ink bottle and turn the knob at the top, it’s as easy as that. The weight balance of the writing instrument makes it a treat to use for long writing sessions and ensures natural movement of the hand across the paper. This is attributed to the anti-slip tapered fiber grooves around the pen for a secure grip and tactile dimension to the whole writing experience.

To make sure, there is no ink leakage like other conventional friction-free converter structures, the pen has an internal treaded structure between the converter and the pen’s outer shell. At the top of the writing instrument, the turbine-inspired cap element complements the streamlined design aesthetics of the pen. According to TaG, the fountain pen is crafted with precision as every detail right from “the choice of premium materials to the aesthetic appeal, has been thoroughly considered for a creation that is functionally and visually pleasing at the same time.”

If you are more oriented toward the rollerball pen option, the makers have a compelling option for you. The Submarine Rollerball Pen has the same sleek design and the signature turbo-filling mechanism. It comes with a Schmidt rollerball tip that moves on the writing surface like butter. Both these writing instruments are in a league of their own with massive crowdfunding already, surpassing the goal by a humongous margin. If you already fancy the idea of buying one you can pledge the fountain pen for $109 and the ballpoint pen for $100.

Click Here to Buy Now: $100 $145 ($45 off) Hurry! Only 10 Days Left. Raised over $130,000

Click Here to Buy Now: $100 $145 ($45 off) Hurry! Only 10 Days Left. Raised over $130,000

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