Woodalls Design was engaged by TomTom to design their explorative offices located in Berlin, Germany.

After working with TomTom on multiple projects, Woodalls knew the client well; however, as an organisation TomTom, like many, was undergoing a massive shift in how they work and what it meant for their work environments. Importance was placed on the design reflecting TomTom’s personality and values in a way not previously explored. Much time was spent, consulting, listening and anticipating the function of the office going forward.

From building selection through to completion, Woodalls and TomTom worked at the executive level right through to GenZ and recent joiners to understand the multitude of perspectives that would one day put the design to the test. The outcome is a dynamic space with a multitude of functions capable of being carried out, from quiet solitude in the nap room to a boisterous gams in the centralised cafe and everything in between.

Design: Woodalls Design
Photography: Jordi Huisman

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