Over the last decade, more than 7 million single-family homes have been built in the USA, according to the National Association of Home Builders. While houses with elaborate designs and little regard for functionality are immensely popular, minimalist homes have become increasingly popular over recent years. The houses that are known to sport simple forms, open and functional floor plans, and understated detailing, are unfortunately not as readily available as they perhaps should be. Thankfully, there is always the option of building a custom home, which, in fact, can turn out to be very beneficial for several reasons.

You are always in control

One of the most apparent benefits of building a custom house is the fact that you are fully in control of every step of the design and building processes. You can select the location of your new minimalist home, decide on the layout, pick the fixtures and finishes, and even choose what appliances you want to be installed. After commissioning a custom home, you will work closely alongside the design and construction team, which will allow you to provide on-going feedback and to always be in the loop with regards to the progress made on your home. When choosing a custom home builder, it is also important to find one that not only offers quality craftsmanship, but will also help turn your vision of the perfect minimalist home into a reality.

Your unique tastes will be catered to

When buying a home that is generally appealing but does not quite tick all the right boxes, costly and time-consuming renovations are often required to turn it into a dream home. When building a custom home, however, you do not have to worry about having to change someone else’s design choices. Though minimalist homes are known for their clean, open spaces, they also have a reputation for boasting a heap of personality. A custom home will allow you to put as much of your personal taste and personality on display as you wish. As your home will be designed with your needs in mind, the need for extensive renovations at a later stage is minimized, saving you a considerable amount of money.  

Your budget remains flexible

There is a big misconception that custom homes are always more expensive than production homes. In reality, your custom minimalist home only needs to be as pricy as you choose it to be. From the moment you commission a custom home, you will be in full control of your budget. While you may not be able to negotiate the land cost design fee, you will undoubtedly have various choices when it comes to everything from building materials to decorative elements. If your budget changes at any time during the design and construction processes, your builder will help you make the necessary adjustments as required. 

Opting to build a custom minimalist home can be very beneficial. Not only will you be able to dictate every aspect of the design, but you will also always be in full control of your budget.

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