Sale is back, most likely just one-day 12/27 only. Act quick if interested. The benefit of “old-school” desktop tax software is that it doesn’t require your Social Security Number and income details to be stored in the “cloud”, a fancy word for a third-party server where it can be copied or hacked.

As a post-Christmas deal, Amazon has TurboTax Deluxe 2023, Federal & State + $10 Amazon Gift Card Bundle for $44.99 in either Download or Disc versions. That’s a pretty solid net price for TurboTax these days. You also get 5 Federal e-Files so you can file taxes for other family member in your household. (Click here to view the Amazon links if you can’t see them.)

State e-File is extra ($20 per state). I would personally just print the (usually shorter) state return out and snail mail it in if you don’t have a free State e-File option.

Note that TurboTax Deluxe lets you manually input stock gain/loss information, but does not include “guidance”. For that, you’ll need TurboTax Premier 2023 Fed/State + $10 Amazon Gift Card Bundle for $65. This is what makes H&R Block Deluxe a more affordable alternative (as it does include guidance for stock sales) , if you are willing to make the switch. However, I also understand the urge to stick with what works.

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TurboTax Desktop 2023: Deluxe Federal & State $45 w/ $10 Amazon Gift Card (Premier $65 w/ $10 GC) from My Money Blog.

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