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i think i’m diving in and going to remodel my bathroom & back bedroom. eeek! yikes! it’s kind of a two-step process that i’ll be explaining more about later, but essentially we’ll be knocking out the wall between the tiny bathroom and the back bedroom to make a much larger bathroom — and the back bedroom will become a walk-in closet for my master bedroom (which currently has this small and very horrid makeshift closet).

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elle decoration.

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when we do that, i’m going to have a hallway that ends abruptly where there was once the back bedroom door (i’ll show you floorplans soon), so i’ve been on the hunt for clever built-in shelving ideas for Small Spaces. i’m probably going to design something like these images, just above and below. some plastered recessed shelving, that will look as though it has always been there!

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gravity home.

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home bunch.

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interior junkie.

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blood & champagne.

there’s all sorts of ways to create clever storage space where it once never existed. usually, that means going vertical — or up the wall but there are other cool options, too. like using shelving to divide two rooms and delineate the space. low bookcases are good for that — not only do they create cozier spaces, they also provide counter top spaces for displaying your favorite collections, like you see above and below here.

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french by design.

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coco lapine design.

but when you do go vertical with your storage think up, but also around and over — over doorways and around windows are so great looking but also totally practical. if you’ve got a large room, you have the opportunity to use up some of that space by building out — into the room with all kinds of floor to ceilings bookcases — like i did in my living room. go to town, go vertical and go crazy!

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nuevo estilo.

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design sponge.

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the design chaser.

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design mag.

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vogue australia.

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apartment therapy.

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karma stream.

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