urbanr0Urbanr is an apartment rental website that allows renters to pay rent to landlords using a credit card. Urbanr accepts all Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit and debit cards. The 1.5% transaction fee can be paid by renter, paid by the owner, or split evenly between them (owner pays 0.75% and the renter pays 0.75%). The owner/landlord must sign up on the service first to accept payments (direct deposited to their bank account).

Urbanr wants to make it so that everyone pays rent with a credit card, and they claim that they are not losing money on the transaction fees. If so, they must be very good negotiators. You’ll need both parties interested for this to work. That means renters perhaps with a 2% cash back credit card or similar miles/points card, and an agreeable landlord (easier rent collection?).

Urbanr: Pay Rent With Credit Card – 1.5% Transaction Fee from My Money Blog.

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