Backstage Roasters isn’t your average coffee shop. They’re explorers, venturing beyond the realm of familiar beans, seeking unique flavors, and forging connections across the globe. Andstudio understood this adventurous spirit and crafted a brand identity that reflects their journey, transforming the way Backstage interacts with coffee enthusiasts.

Brand and Packaging Design by Andstudio Agency for Backstage Roasters
Brand and Packaging Design by Andstudio Agency for Backstage Roasters

From Humble Beginnings to Grand Voyages: Backstage initially relied on the friendly face of Bakara, the founder’s dog, to embody their brand. While heartwarming, this symbol struggled to encompass the depth of their story as they expanded their digital presence and embraced new services.

A Blend of Adventure and Storytelling: Recognizing Backstage’s essence as curious travelers, Andstudio drew inspiration from the spirit of 1960s travel posters. Earthy tones, eclectic typography, and vintage photographs painted a picture of exploration and discovery.

Stickers as Souvenirs: Ten unique stickers, each depicting a captivating symbol representing a coffee’s origin, served as a delightful touch. These “travel stamps” acted as tangible links to the diverse cultural heritage behind each cup, fostering a deeper connection with the beans.

Unveiling the Flavor Profile: A powerful trio of fonts effortlessly presented key information – taste notes, roast, processing, region, and altitude – allowing coffee lovers to navigate the exciting flavor landscape offered by Backstage.

The Subtle “B”: The logo, a stylized “B,” subtly hinted at the “backstage” magic of coffee preparation – the meticulous journey from bean to cup. It served as a constant reminder of Backstage’s dedication to sharing their story with every sip.

Andstudio’s design wasn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it was a narrative, a visual representation of Backstage Roasters’ core values – exploration, connection, and a passion for sharing the world’s finest coffees. The new identity empowers Backstage to continue their adventures and connect with coffee enthusiasts on a deeper level, one delicious cup at a time.

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