If you’ve looked at your portfolio and wondered exactly how much US stocks have outperformed the rest of the world, Charlie Bilello shares in his July 4th post USA! USA! USA!:

Over the last 16 years, US stocks have gained 502% vs. 104% for International stocks and 65% for Emerging Markets. This is by far the longest cycle of US outperformance that we’ve ever seen.

US stocks 500% vs. International Stocks 100% Gain Over Last 16 Years

Will the gap continue to grow? I still don’t know, which is why I will continue to hedge my bets. Sometimes you shell out for insurance and it doesn’t pay out a claim. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should complain. I’m satisfied with my portfolio performance over the last 16 years. I couldn’t predict what happened, and I can’t predict how the next 16 years will go. I’d happily take another 16 years of the same, even if it means lagging the S&P 500 by a lot.

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