in a bit of a rock ‘n roll homage to my latest streaming binge daisy jones & the six, this week on wear this there i thought it might be fun to check in at hollywood’s notorious chateau marmont. opened in 1927, the hotel and restaurant have had their share of sordid tales told in gossip rags, rolling stone magazine, and made-for-the-screen dramas based on some real-life hijinks, and for that reason, it holds a lot of fascination for people. i’ve only visited once, back in the 80s for a photoshoot where i rather un-glamourously held the job of an assistant to a wardrobe stylist which essentially had me steaming and ironing clothes for the models. the only stars i encountered were roland and curt from tears for fears, but i digress — i had to namedrop at least once. and while its reputation as a hideaway for movie stars and rock bands is legendary and its locale famously referenced in one of my favorite songs, the rooms and private bungalows remain somewhat unchanged and almost a tad outdated if you look too closely, but regardless, chateau marmont holds its historic charm and old hollywood mystic and i certainly would never turn down a night’s stay. let’s check in, shall we?

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