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Hey guys, howzit going? It’s bad, huh? Yeah, I know. Everything’s kind of fucked. But here we are, showing up each day, needing to stay positive and continue as best we can.

I consciously resisted addressing the global shitshow that’s the COVID-19 pandemic on these pages. Yellowtrace is an online space where good design is celebrated, uniting us in our pursuit of design excellence. Having said that, I can’t help but feel all-consumed by what’s going on around us. I probably watch way too much news, read too many headlines, chat to too many people in and outside our industry who have all been affected. And although I feel there’s nothing I could possibly say about Coronavirus that hasn’t already been said, I do feel like not addressing it is somewhat strange because we’re all feeling it. Hard.

My biggest fear around this virus is that so many people still aren’t taking it seriously. Because it’s serious. Deadly serious. I even find myself battling with my own parents about how serious it is. And while none of us should freak out and panic about it, we do need to be smart, take every precaution and do the right thing for ourselves, our families, our colleagues, neighbours, friends, fellow citizens of our planet.

So I thought I’d do the best thing I know how to do, and that’s to remind us of the importance of being vigilant with our hand hygiene, with a Yellowtrace spin, of course. Yes, I’m saying Wash Your Bloody Hands People and wash them really well. While you’re at it, I sincerely hope your sink scenario is as gorgeous as one of the puppies in today’s roundup. If not, perhaps you can close your eyes during your 20-second ritual several times each day and transport yourself into one of these glorious scenes.

If all else fails, something tells me most of us will be paying even closer attention to the design of sinks and vanities in residential, hospitality and retail projects for years to come. Good thing really, because from here on in, I hope none of us ever take anything for granted, including the importance of celebrating small daily rituals like washing our hands.

Look after yourselves and each other, and stay safe, dearest Yellowtracers.

Love always,
Mama Yellowtrace xx


Converted Loft in the Heart of Shoreditch, East London by Chan & Eayrs | Yellowtrace

Converted Loft in the Heart of Shoreditch, East London by Chan & Eayrs | Yellowtrace
Converted Loft in the Heart of Shoreditch, East London by Chan & Eayrs.

Belmont House by Kennedy Nolan | Yellowtrace
Belmont House in Kew, VIC by Kennedy Nolan. 

Apartamento Do Forte Porto Merooficina Photo Jose Campos | Yellowtrace
Apartamento Do Forte in Porto by Merooficina. Photo by Jose Campos.

Apartamento Rs Rio De Janeiro Studio Arthur Casas | Yellowtrace
Apartamento RS in Rio De Janeiro by Studio Arthur Casas. Photo by Filippo Bamberghi.

Sibipirunas Concept House Cidade Jardim Brazil By Studio Otto Felix | Yellowtrace
Sibipirunas Concept House in Brazil by Studio Otto Felix.

Bashan Sydney Tom Mark Henry Photo Andrew Worssam | Yellowtrace

Bashan Sydney Tom Mark Henry Photo Andrew Worssam | Yellowtrace
Bashan Sydney by Tom Mark Henry. Photo by Andrew Worssam.

Atic Aribau Apartment Renovation Barcelona By Raul Sanchez Architects | Yellowtrace
Atic Aribau Apartment Renovation in Barcelona by Raul Sanchez Architect.

Aroona Road Flack Studio Photo Anson Smart | Yellowtrace

Aroona Road Flack Studio Photo Anson Smart | Yellowtrace
Caulfield North House by Flack Studio. Photo by Anson Smart.

Pettigrew Boyd Residence Melbourne By Flack Studio | Yellowtrace
Robin Boyd’s Pettigrew Residence in Melbourne Transformed by Flack Studio.

Menorca Experimental Hotel Spain By Dorothee Meilichzon | Yellowtrace
Menorca Experimental Hotel Spain by Dorothee Meilichzon.

Apartment Renovation in Milan by Marcante-Testa | Yellowtrace
Apartment Renovation in Milan by Marcante-Testa.

D2 Townhouse In Dublin Ireland By Jake Moulson Architects Photo Mitsuko Moulson | YellowtraceClick To Read Entire Post

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