Why Implementing Remote Work Can Further Any Business

As the 21st century progresses, the trend of virtualization has extended to all facets of life, and businesses are no exception. Around 40% of U.S. employees work remotely at least one day a week. The virtual form of business practices has remarkable benefits for both employees and employers alike, boosting both morale and productivity. 

With remote work, many employees enjoy eliminating a daily commute which saves them both time and money. Additionally, remote work can offer them more flexibility in their jobs as a whole and create a better work-life balance. The benefits of remote work don’t stop with the employee but also benefit employers. Often there is a much lower rate of employee absenteeism as well as sick days. Furthermore, remote work establishes a more positive work environment, which boosts productivity and lowers employee turnover. There is also a reduced annual cost per employee of up to 37k.

Overall, remote work has proven itself to have many advantages over traditional business practices. Additionally, remote work platforms such as Unrubble make it even easier to implement remote work for employees. With AI scheduling and cybersecurity tools, any business can easily take advantage of remote work.

Return To Office or Work From Home?

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