Women’s fashion is constantly evolving, but there is still something unchanged in what once came and is now being used constantly. This is a wrap skirt that all women are familiar with. A wrap skirt has a magical property of visually reducing the figure, thanks to the smell. It is fashionable, popular and available for sale in different colours and lengths.

Fashion collections by famous designers at fashion shows in Paris and Milan are not complete without a wrap skirt. They are the key to the formation of many images, including business and romantic styles. The style of the skirt is not only fashionable but also practical. It is comfortable to walk around the city, stay on your feet for a long time, and what is beneficial, it will be most comfortable for women with heels in such a skirt.


Depending on the type of skirt, its length and the type of fabric, the smell can vary from short to deep. The deeper the smell, the larger the cut and the legs become visible in. There are special model skirts for performances, where the smell comes almost from the hip.

Which figure fits a wrap skirt


Stylists claim that the wrap skirt is a versatile garment. Due to this feature, it can be selected for any figure and any age. The most important thing here is to choose the right size. The skirt should not hang on the hips, as the whole point of an elegant shape is lost. But if it is small, this creates a strong tension in the odour area, which will be felt a lot from the outside.

The style of the skirt is designed to correct the female figure, so it is usually chosen by ladies with magnificent shapes. She will hide too wide hips, visually reduce them and make the figure harmonious. A skirt of bright colours, on the contrary, will help girls without lower shapes to visually make them bigger.

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