May 2018 Yellowtrace Spotlight


Geez, these months are passing by really fast, aren’t they!? Our May (already?) edition of Yellowtrace Spotlight rounds up the best of the best submissions from the past month, featuring Australian and global design news. And by now you all know the drill – there’s so much awesome design to share, so trust us when we say you don’t want to miss out on this month’s selection. Go on, get to it already!


Susan Clark's Furniture Brand Radnor Makes a NYCxDESIGN Debut | Yellowtrace

Susan Clark’s Furniture Brand Radnor Makes A NYCxDESIGN Debut.

Hosted within a luxury apartment complex designed by David Chipperfield Architects, Material Interiors is an exhibition pieced together by designer Sarah Clark as a real-world vision of her cleverly curated online furniture emporium Radnor.


Switchback House in Brooklyn by L/AND/A | Yellowtrace

Switchback House In Brooklyn By L/AND/A.

The existing brownstone row house was rundown and dilapidated, and its original layout had been segmented as multiple small apartments, diminishing the original grandeur of the building. For L/AND/A, this was an opportunity to propose a way forward for typical inner city townhouses – light, open, and connected.


The Taranaki Rift in Brunswick by Architecture Architecture | Yellowtrace

The Taranaki Rift In Brunswick By Architecture Architecture.

Architecture Architecture has ‘sexified’ the existing red brick suburban house with a series of neat architectural insertions – think 3D formed steel door, boxed out floating window, cunning metal plate awning over the arrival which provides shade and adds an element of surprise, etc.


Werri Beach House in NSW by Atelier Andy Carson | Yellowtrace

Werri Beach House In NSW By Atelier Andy Carson.

For Atelier Andy Carson, the breathtaking backdrop and 180-degree panoramic views required a considered approach—framing dramatic segments of the wide, far-reaching vista in order to breath it all in.


Yellowtrace Spotlight // May 2018.

‘Highroad’ Cafe In Canberra By Foolscap Studio.

Foolscap Studio was tasked with creating a space that Canberra’s inner-north would value as a genuinely unique hospitality experience – a place to call their own, without journeying into town.


NOUS Restaurant + Flower Shop in Guangdong, China by 0321 STUDIO | Yellowtrace

NOUS Restaurant + Flower Shop In Guangdong, China By 0321 STUDIO.

For NOUS Restaurant + Flower Shop, 0321 STUDIO choose a single material – terrazzo – in order to maximise the interiors’ connection to the outside. By emphasizing the scale of the white aggregate, the designers have created a playful and unique visual experience.


Yellowtrace Spotlight // May 2018.

‘La Crepa’ Food Stall In Madrid By Plutarco.

The countertop may be the most eye-catching feature of La Crepa. Made up of a rainbow of recycled plastic, it’s at once a sort of candy-coloured dream as well as being environmentally friendly.


Like Shop Showroom in Rostov-on-Don, Russia by Eduard Eremchuk | Yellowtrace

Like Shop Showroom in Rostov-on-Don, Russia by Eduard Eremchuk.

Eduard Eremchuk has translated the Russian brand’s signature colours into various materials, textures and shapes, and applied them to sculptural objects that transform this retail interior into a boutique with museum-like qualities.


Medly Pharmacy in Brooklyn by Sergio Mannino Studio | Yellowtrace

Medly Pharmacy In Brooklyn By Sergio Mannino Studio.

Retailers have begun to understand the necessity of transforming businesses into omnichannel retail platforms, where online and physical stores work as one. Pharmacies, in particular, are beginning to take advantage of this, with Medly being among the first in New York to embrace the merits of both online and physical.


House of Tiles: Concept Space & Tile Collection by Marcante-Testa for Ceramica Vogue | Yellowtrace

House Of Tiles: Concept Space & Tile Collection By Marcante-Testa For Ceramica Vogue.

Marcante-Testa’s conceptual architecture project ‘House of Tiles’ showcases the potential of tiles as “a tool for architecture”. From floors to ceilings, passing through the kitchen, bathroom cabinets and doors – all of these are seen as possible applications for the ceramic product.


Laminex AbsoluteMatte Yellowtrace

Laminex Launches A Cutting-Edge Fingerprint Resistant Matte Finish.

Laminex has revealed a new fingerprint, heat, and scratch resistant surface titled AbsoluteMatte. It’s a unique coupling of style, functionality, and practicality with a sleek, premium finish–made possible via Laminex’s cutting-edge, patent-pending surface technology.


Jungla Collection by Scanal Launches at Salone Del Mobile 2018 | Yellowtrace

Jungla Collection By Sancal Launches At Salone Del Mobile 2018.

The concept for Jungla was inspired by nature in its wildest state, in its chiaroscuros, vibrant colours, randomness and impossible forms. Sancal reinterpreted nature with a sense of humour, a cornerstone of the Spanish brand’s approach.


Paul Matter Launches Flutter Lighting Collection | Yellowtrace

Paul Matter Launches Flutter Lighting Collection.

Flutter is a swing arm wall light, inspired by the deconstruction of a clock, pared back to only the minute and hour hands. Its slender and lengthy rotating arms swivel seamlessly from a vertical wall mounted spine to throw light where it’s needed.


Confetti Range by GibsonKarlo for DesignByThem | Yellowtrace

Confetti Range by GibsonKarlo for DesignByThem.

With wide bases made from a rainbow of 100% recycled plastics that resemble a mishmash of joyous, floating confetti—each piece in GibsonKarlo’s Confetti Collection is unique, storied, and a bit fun too.


Egg Collective Presents Designing Women II: Masters, Mavericks & Mavens | Yellowtrace

Egg Collective Presents “Designing Women II: Masters, Mavericks & Mavens”.

Conceived of as a conversation across both time and space, the second iteration of Egg Collective’s all-female design show builds upon the critical acclaim of 2017’s inaugural exhibition.


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