Zanco: Where Elegance Meets Awkwardness (and Everything in Between)

Introducing Zanco, a typeface from In-House International that’s not afraid to embrace its contradictions. It’s a celebration of the unexpected, a delightful dance between elegance and awkwardness, youth and sophistication.

Imagine an acrobat, tall and graceful on their towering stilts, yet undeniably a little quirky. That’s the essence of Zanco. It’s a variable display type that stands tall and narrow, with stressed curves and softened edges that defy convention. The weight distribution is unconventional, yet undeniably balanced.

Zanco font family by In-House International
Zanco font family by In-House International

Zanco isn’t afraid to transform. It can be lanky and light, or bold and heavy, with thickening shadows that fill the descenders and create a visually captivating effect. This versatility makes it perfect for a range of applications, from playful packaging to impactful posters.

The name itself, “Zanco,” is a nod to the typeface’s long, stilt-like appearance. Just like the footwear that allows performers to rise above the crowd, Zanco’s characters exude a sense of confidence and individuality.

But Zanco isn’t all quirk. It also possesses a touch of nostalgia, with its curved lines and melty feel reminiscent of Art Nouveau. This adds a layer of depth and richness to the typeface, making it perfect for brands that want to evoke a sense of heritage and sophistication.

In essence, Zanco is a typeface that is both relaxed and versatile, legible and sensuous, useful and undeniably cool. It’s perfect for brands with heart, and those seeking to deliver genuine and effortless messaging. So, whether you’re designing packaging, crafting a billboard, or animating graphics, Zanco is sure to make your message stand out from the crowd, just like those daring acrobats on their zancos.

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