Venice Biennale 2024: a guide to the artists announced so far

Keep up-to-date with our ongoing list of who’s representing who at the Venice Biennale 2024 – here’s what we know so far ©

New Nike book is an inspirational handbook for the next generation of creatives and athletes

New Nike book, ‘After all, there is No Finish Line’, features eye-catching black-and-white imagery and speculative fiction and essays that ponder design, innovation and sport ©

Sophie Bille Brahe interprets the signet ring with a new initials jewellery

Sophie Bille Brahe’s new initials jewellery is ‘a personal way to express an eternal feeling of love’ ©

Hampshire home for a sailor makes for a sustainable domestic haven

Sailor’s House by OB Architecture is a Hampshire home that combines minimalism and sustainability ©

Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance combines bronze and beeswax for expressive candles

Made in Portugal under the French designer’s Made in Situ label, ‘Bronze and Beeswax’ is a series of candles and candleholders whose aesthetic is both organic and minimalist ©

Karimoku Commons Kyoto offers an intimate, home-like experience

Karimoku Furniture Inc opens its first Karimoku Commons location in Kyoto, in a former wooden machiya townhouse that offers an intimate experience of the brand ©