Decorating the grave of your loved one is a very important part of their final resting place. It’s the final way to honor their memory, showing others what kind of person they were.

And with so many different gravestone styles available, you can find something that matches their personal taste.

Decorating your loved one’s grave is a personal and emotional experience. There are no rules and regulations and no right or wrong way to choose or decorate the grave. The only thing that matters is what you feel is right for the person who was buried there.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for tips on DIY Grave Decoration Ideas. Decorating a grave is important but not always easy.

How To Decorate Your Loved One’s Grave By Yourself?

Graveyard decoration has a long history in human history. Today, it is customary across many cultures to place important objects close to or on top of a loved one’s grave marker or memorial plaque.

The custom became more well-known in America after the passing of Abraham Lincoln. Numerous individuals brought enormous bouquets, trinkets, and unusual decorations to place by the coffin.

Today, we carry on the practice in a more intimate way in our own lives. Because we wish to honor our loved ones and families even after they pass away, we decorate their graves.

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Option 1: Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are a traditional, ageless method to decorate a grave. They have been employed widely throughout history.

Flowers fill any burial plot with color and life because they are stunning and lively. As an alternative, several cemeteries may allow you to bury a tiny plant on the grave.

There is no correct or incorrect choice when it comes to selecting flowers to decorate a grave, and it’s OK for families to take other aspects into account.

Don’t feel obligated to send the traditional carnations and roses if you’d prefer to send anything else.

Many cemeteries, however, have strict guidelines on the upkeep and durability of living floral displays. Depending on their policies, they might clean the flowers off every week or every month.

Groundskeepers frequently remove faded flowers or greenery from graves before it is perceived as disturbing to other mourners. Planning your visit properly may be a good idea.

Option 2: Artificial Flowers

Fresh flowers cannot be placed on graves in some cemeteries. This can be because of issues with maintenance, cleanliness, or existing rules.

If that is the situation, artificial flower arrangements are typically acceptable.

They are more resilient and stay longer, yet they aren’t always as favored as fresh flowers.

Artificial flowers could ultimately need to be changed when they start crumbling.

However, they are a cost-effective alternative, particularly if you cannot visit the grave every week or even every month because of distance or another reason.

Option 3: Personal Notes

Writing letters to the deceased is a well-established custom. While communication may not be as important or satisfying as it once was, it still helps us keep our relationship with the individual and provides a channel that can be significant and rewarding in its own right.

By committing those feelings to paper in a way we can go back to and giving our suffering language, it aids us in working with grief and loss.

Writing these messages and letters to our loved ones might bring us comfort, but carrying them to their ultimate resting place can also be healing.

If it feels too personal to read your note there, you can leave it as a memento on the grave or gravestone itself.

You might bring cards if you discover that you don’t prefer keeping a notebook or writing lengthy letters.

Birthdays and holidays are ideal times for those because you may write a little remark to mark the event.

White memorial candle on the grave with wreath.

Option 4: Candles

Candles placed on graves represent, for many Christians, their belief in the afterlife and the assurance of eternal life offered by the Christian God.

This custom has been observed for many years and is still common in contemporary cemeteries worldwide.

Families commemorate the Day of the Dead (also known as Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico) by lighting candles on their family members’ tombs as part of the tradition.

Cemeteries build these modest altars to celebrate the deceased’s lives and respect their passing. It is a means to communicate with departed family members.

However, confirming that lighting a candle does not go against any cemetery regulations before you do it on your loved one’s gravestone is crucial.

Ensure the candles are not placed inside the glass or left burning unattended. Using open fire on the premises might be prohibited by stricter regulations.

Option 5: Photo Pendants

Having a little pendant with a picture of your loved one specially engraved on it can be a great idea to decorate the grave.

To assist you in recalling your loved one at the precise moment the photograph was taken, these little, personalized keepsakes are lovely to put on headstones or cemetery grounds.

Jewelry with a personalized photo engraved on it can be made in various sizes and forms, such as crosses, hearts, squares, or plain circles.

If you want to avoid any huge displays, the pendants are the ideal size for a simple headstone decoration. Moreover, it can be used as a standalone memento or as part of a bigger flower arrangement.

Option 6: Photo Frames

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes. They are moments that have been captured in time and preserved as beautiful memories for us to treasure.

It’s not surprising that we use them regularly to pay tribute to our loved ones who passed away.

Today, mourners frequently leave photos and other mementos on gravestones as a way to honor their loved ones.

If a parent has passed away, you might wish to leave a picture of your wedding there, along with a drawing the grandchildren made for grandmother or grandfather.

Consider ordering a Memorial Portrait for the departed if you’re worried about the image surviving through the weather, even with a frame.

You select and submit a picture of your loved one during this process. Then, it is reconstructed as a bigger image with depth and texture similar to an oil painting’s brushstrokes.

Option 7: Stuffed Toys

A child’s grave decoration will never be simple. Teddy bears, or rabbits, are the most often used stuffed animals to place at a child’s burial.

These memorials are occasionally placed on the graves of parents, siblings, or other loved ones. It may be a means of leaving a legacy and maintaining a deep bond with the deceased.

Even children can put stuffed animals at their parents’ or grandparents’ graves. These might be even more significant if the individual gathered stuffed animals or particular kinds of toys.

You also might leave a small piece from a bigger toy.


Decoration of the grave can be a very emotional experience. However, with some preparation, it does not have to be that way.

Knowing what type of flowers you want to plant and what kind of grave decorations you need to make your loved one feel at home when they are no longer around is important.

I hope this article has helped make your decision easier for you. If you want to learn about more DIY decoration ideas, you can have a look by clicking here.


What is a grave blanket?

A grave blanket is an annual decoration made of green branches and ribbons. It is not intended to be a religious decoration; rather, it is used to brighten the tomb during winter.

You can get an example of the Grave Blanket if you visit the cemetery after Thanksgiving.

Which flowers remain on a grave the longest?

Both chrysanthemums and carnations are renowned for their durability and longevity, even when grown outdoors.

Put the flowers in a vase or a container filled with floral foam because they won’t last very long if you place a bouquet on the grave without any water.

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