Ponderosa cactus shop in Los Angeles / sfgirlbybay

this weekend after having brunch, we drove past the cutest cactus shop and did an immediate u-turn to check it out. this sweet shop has no sign, but you can spot it easily by the wagon full of cacti outside on the sidewalk  — it’s called ponderosa cactus and it’s adorable. not only that, their inventory is vast, and good for the planet — their mission is to show that drought friendly doesn’t mean dry, it is sustainable and succulent. Every succulent and cacti at ponderosa cactus is hand picked and meticulously maintained, so it leaves happy and ready to go home with you. owners DANIELLA CARRASCO and ANDANETTE VALDERRAMA are an Arizona-born and raised sister-duo, who decided to venture out to the sunny life of southern California and continue a family owned Tucson business, that opened its doors in 1988. they’re now bringing their low maintenance, drought friendly plant knowledge to highland park at the ponderosa. if you’re in the area, be sure to stop by this friendly neighborhood shop!

exterior of Ponderosa cactus in highland park / sfgirlbybay

Ponderosa cactus store in los angeles, california / sfgirlbybay

shopping at ponderosa cactus store in highland park / sfgirlbybay

plants for sale at Ponderosa cactus in highland park / sfgirlbybay

Ponderosa cactus shop / sfgirlbyabay

lovely plants for sale at Ponderosa cactus store / sfgirlbybay

plants displayed at Ponderosa cactus shop in los angeles / sfgirlbybay

interior of Ponderosa cactus shop / sfgirlbybay

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