Beautiful photography magazine or thriving community? FRAMES is both!

With FRAMES, you’ll receive a beautiful magazine and exclusive digital content, as well as engagement with a worldwide network of photographers and a chance to chat with some of the world’s leading talent. Best of all, we’ve got an exclusive discount code, too.

In a world increasingly dominated by digital content and virtual experiences, there’s something refreshingly tangible about holding a printed magazine in your hands. Since its launch in 2020, quarterly magazine FRAMES has captivated photography enthusiasts by delivering that tactile experience – with the highest quality of paper stock and printing.

But that’s not all! The membership fee also includes access to additional monthly digital publications, a fantastic digital platform, a thriving online community that can help you critique your work, and a series of events in which you can chat directly with world-class photographers.

So what’s on offer, exactly, and how can photographers take advantage? Essentially, there are three main strands to a FRAMES membership, so let’s look at each of these in turn.

1. The print magazine

Each issue of the FRAMES Quarterly Magazine is a meticulously curated collection of the world’s most inspiring and thought-provoking photography across diverse genres and styles. The guiding ethos is simple yet powerful: “Excellent photography belongs on paper.”

Beautiful photography magazine or thriving community? FRAMES is both!
Beautiful photography magazine or thriving community? FRAMES is both!

This stunning 112-page publication, printed on luxurious 140gsm uncoated paper, is filled with striking images and captivating stories. Contributors range from legendary photojournalists such as Steve McCurry to emerging talents just finding their creative voices.

“We don’t concentrate on any specific style: the common denominator is just great imagery,” explains editor-in-chief Tomasz Trzebiatowski. “So a typical issue might feature gritty street photography alongside serene landscapes and conceptual portraits.”

By paying the utmost attention to printing quality and material selection, FRAMES magazine creates an absorbing, distraction-free experience. Tomasz explains, “We want readers to truly be present with the photography, to appreciate the nuances, colours and emotion in these powerful images.”

2. The digital content

The FRAMES experience extends far beyond the printed page. Members gain access to a wealth of digital content, starting with the monthly FRAMES Digital Companions. These downloadable PDF publications complement the quarterly magazine with additional features, including interviews, photography how-tos and hi-res image galleries.

Beautiful photography magazine or thriving community? FRAMES is both!
Beautiful photography magazine or thriving community? FRAMES is both!

The digital aspect allows FRAMES to constantly educate and inspire members. As Tomasz points out, “We have talented writers contributing new content regularly, so you’ll always have fresh material to stimulate your creativity between printed issues.”

3. The worldwide community

Perhaps the thing that sets FRAMES apart the most is the lively community of photographers that it connects via its exclusive website and bespoke app. This is where members can truly immerse themselves in a global hub of photographic knowledge and inspiration.

All members gain access to an online forum for sharing work, giving and receiving feedback, discussing techniques and connecting with other passionate photographers worldwide. There are dedicated channels for interviews, editing tutorials, photo contests and more.

“The community is extremely supportive and welcoming to all levels,” notes Tomasz. “Beginners can get advice from seasoned pros, while accomplished artists still find value in seeing different perspectives and styles.”

Beautiful photography magazine or thriving community? FRAMES is both!
Beautiful photography magazine or thriving community? FRAMES is both!

The crown jewel of the community is the live monthly events featuring legendary photographers such as Martin Parr, Alec Soth, Ami Vitale, Martin Parr and Nick Brandt. FRAMES members have exclusive access to these virtual masterclasses and can engage in direct chats with these iconic practitioners.

“Imagine being able to have a candid conversation about creativity and get feedback directly from one of the world’s top photographers,” says Tomasz. “That’s an incredible opportunity FRAMES provides: it’s like an ongoing photography conference or workshop.”

Beautiful photography magazine or thriving community? FRAMES is both!

Seamless experience

We’d suggest that these three individual elements are each, in themselves, worth the membership cost alone. What makes FRAMES so special, though, is how it blends diverse mediums and delivery methods into one cohesive, constantly refreshing photography experience.

So, for example, at any given time, you can:

  • Absorb the latest issue of the beautiful printed magazine
  • Dig into insightful articles and tutorials in the Digital Companions
  • Share and critique your own work, and that of others, in the online forum
  • Attend a live virtual workshop with a renowned photographer
  • Browse tips and discussions in the FRAMES mobile app

In short, you’re not just subscribing to a magazine; you’re joining a vibrant, multi-faceted photography community that continually sparks enthusiasm, a growth mindset and networking opportunities.

Beautiful photography magazine or thriving community? FRAMES is both!

As Tomasz says: “We’ve created a hub that feeds the photography passion through every possible channel: in your hands, on your devices, in live conversations. Our goal is to inspire and educate photographers in as many ways as possible, meaning everyone from total beginners to experienced professionals will find it super-useful.”

So how much does all this cost?

Incredibly, it costs just $17 per month, including free global shipping of the printed magazine wherever you are in the world. And we reckon that represents excellent value for avid photographers of all types.

Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, FRAMES has created a global community united by a love of capturing striking visuals and telling evocative stories. As Tomasz says: “We believe in providing a community that inspires people to pick up a camera and let their creativity run wild. That’s the core of what FRAMES is all about – delivering the absolute best photography experience to ignite and nurture everyone’s artistic expression.”