Metal forging has existed since the 12th century. It is known as one of the oldest techniques that can be done on metal. Of course, back in the day, people used more primitive methods such as hammers to shape the steel.

These techniques were tiring and hard to do. But because this process is very good and used in many companies, it has evolved into a sophisticated and improved one. The production can be made both for large or small companies.

Metal forging is the process that uses pressing and pounding to get the desired shape of the metal. In simpler terms, the metal is squeezed by a machine that inflicts high pressure on the surface, and it forms it in a certain shape.

In most cases, the forging process needs a high temperature to shape the metal. The pounding is made in a die, which is specifically designed for this purpose. This is the complete opposite of casting because there is a need for attention to details and hard work in forging.

People use this technique to produce material with strength, and that could withstand outside impacts without compromising the shape of the metal. The interesting part is that although this sounds unfamiliar to most, these forged parts can be found everywhere around us.

Starting with cars, ships, and airplanes and then ending with equipment for the NASA components for space missions. How to choose the right supplier? Check out the link if you want to learn more. 

Browse the market

Because of the high demand in this field, many forging companies have presented themselves on the market. The first thing you need to do is find those around you. If they don’t satisfy your needs, you can always turn to other companies.

It can’t hurt to contact the company and consult with them just to see what kind of business do they run. The conversation should give you a clue whether or not they are professionals and know what they are talking about. That leads us to the next thing you should do: ask for experienced engineers.


Because this is a process that has been around since the 12th century, there are a lot of old companies and a lot of new ones. The thing you are looking for is experience. New and innovative machines and techniques are introduced to engineers every day because of the development of technology.

That is why, except for experience, you need to see if the company is up to date and uses the best techniques. This will ensure that you will have a product that has strength and last for years. Make sure you ask about the companies testing policies. These tests are used to prove the standard and strength of the product. What are the advantages of steel forging? Check out more here.

Custom Steel Forging Advantages And Finding The Right Partner

Variety of material 

The beauty of this process is that it can be done with any type of material. That is precisely why it is widely used in the production of any kind. As mentioned above, this forged metal can be found anywhere around us. So, this gives us a clue that the forging can be done to any type of material.

Whether it is aluminum, brass, copper, or titanium, or ferrous materials such as stainless steel, alloy, and carbon, the technique can be applied. The choice of the material depends on the customer’s desires, and from then on, the forging company assesses the expected characteristics.


This process allows improvement in the strength to weight ratio. What does this mean? This means that in the process, the structure of the material is compressed and redirects the stress from the fillets, as well as the corners. This allows for the material to withstand a lot more pressure and outside impact than metal pressed with any other technique.

These techniques assure customers that once they purchase products made like this, they will own something that has high integrity. Porosity and alloy can’t easily impact the structure of the metal, which is a huge advantage for customers who are purchasing machines for big production companies.


From the previous point, it can also be concluded that this is a cost-effective process. This is because the products that would be purchased would last for years. Instead of constantly changing the machinery, you could now rely on a trustworthy one.

Furthermore, the technique of forging is done with raw materials. Solid machines in companies can be transformed with the forging process and save a lot of money if the process is for a large capacity. Another thing is that the tools that are used in this process are relatively cheap, and the duration of the process is relatively short. This could save money both for the manufacturer and the customer.

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