deep water, the hulu film starring ben affleck and ana de armas didn’t receive raving good reviews, but i was intrigued to watch it nonetheless (based on the novel by patricia highsmith, whose books i love), and honestly, i didn’t think it was all that bad. its script goes off the rails and is perhaps utterly implausible, but escapism it was for a little while and i found it entertaining (sans the creepy snails!). but i digress, i’m no movie critic, however, i am a connoisseur of set design. i love an inspiring set, and the greek revival home in new orleans where the troubled couple lives in the film is simply stunning. i’d define its design as celebratory decay — a haphazard, ethereal, eclectic mix of old and new that had me rewinding the film for a better look.

it was filmed at urbania house, a home built around the 1830s or 1840s, in the historic lower garden district of new orleans, and it’s been used in other films as well. this time around, the talented set designers gave this house such a cool, effortless vibe, with sometimes a kind of haunted, dark feeling, but i’d live there, haunted or not. so this week’s design aesthetic is inspired by deep water, which i’m not sure you’ll be head over heels for, but that’s why they invented ‘fast forward’ and ‘pause’ — just so you can dive deep (no pun intended) into all the dreamy details.

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