Take a look at Bonche, a soft-serif font family consisting of 14 styles in 7 weights with matching italics.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating uniqueness of early 20th-century typefaces – such as Belwe, Cooper, Souvenir, and Windsor – Bonche has a distinctive yet subtle flair. Its high x-height and medium contrast stem ratio make it easily discernible to the human eye. Satisfying all tastes with its quirky but not too-flashy looks, Bonche is sure to leave a lasting impression on any viewer!

With its bolder weights, use this typography solution to make a statement and draw attention to food branding, book covers, article titles or product packaging. The lighter weights are suitable for longer texts such as paragraphs in documents.

Bonche has been specially created to suit the needs of a broad range of languages, including more than 200 Latin-based scripts. In addition, an extended Cyrillic character set is available to accommodate Slavic tongues such as Bulgarian and Serbian with custom letterforms. OpenType features are included for further ease of use in these areas!

Want to take advantage of the Bulgarian forms or Polish Kreska? Then simply switch your typing language accordingly! It’s that easy. Just click on one of the following links to learn more about the Bonche font family by Nasir Udin.

Below you can see a few sample images of the typeface.

Bonche font family by Nasir Udin
Bonche font family by Nasir Udin

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