Known for its landmarks, neighborhoods, rich history, and diverse culture, San Francisco is a beautiful city with all of the characteristics that make a place extremely livable. If you’re interested in setting up an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) for rental income or personal living purposes, you must find a good, experienced contractor in The City.

While there are many general contractors in San Francisco, you must work with a reputable construction company that caters to your needs. This comprehensive guide will go over the factors that you should consider when choosing an ADU professional for your project.

Checklist for Choosing an ADU Contractor in San Francisco

How to Find a Good ADU Contractor in San Francisco: Factors to Consider

Whether it’s planning for a kitchen remodel or building an ADU, finding the right contractor to work with is essential.

While there are many factors homeowners must consider when choosing an ADU contractor in San Francisco, some of the most important ones include the following:

Does the Contractor Build Pre-fab ADU or Stick-built Homes?

Not every construction company specializes in pre-fab ADUs, as some only provide stick-built accessory dwelling units. When shortlisting contractors, it’s essential to understand their expertise and specialization. Although you can still find a local room addition contractor in San Francisco who can help with building an ADU.

Explore your preferences. Do you want an affordable accessory dwelling unit with rigorous inspections, a predictable timeline, and an easy process? If so, you may wish to consider pre-fab ADUs over stick-built ones, as they’re cheaper per square foot.

Speak with the construction contractor about the options available and discuss your needs to determine which “house” is the best building solution for you.

Is the ADU Contractor Knowledgeable in California State and Local Laws?

Building an accessory dwelling unit is more complicated than you think. There is a lot that the contractor must do, such as adhering to state and local laws, getting the necessary permits before construction, and overcoming any hurdles that may arise.

You need a building contractor who has gone through the San Francisco permitting process many times. Due to the potential problems that you may run into, a reputable construction company can advocate for you at City Hall and resolve any issues you may face.

Does the Contractor Have Experience in the San Francisco Property Market?

The housing industry in San Francisco can be highly unpredictable. Changes in building compliance and construction laws and unexpected delays can put a serious dent in your ADU project. Working with the right contractor can play a significant role in ensuring a smooth process.

It’s important to work with a construction contractor who has experience building and setting up accessory dwelling units in San Francisco. They are well aware of the unexpected surprises the city is notorious for and can help navigate through the pitfalls associated with setting up an ADU on someone’s property.

Is the ADU Contractor Properly Licensed and Certified?

Having the relevant licenses and certifications for contractors is crucial, as it lets you know that they have the expertise and qualifications to build the ADU and set them up legally on your property in San Francisco.

You may find that general contractors offer cheaper services compared to accessory dwelling unit companies. However, they may not have the unique types of insurance, licenses, and permits that businesses need before they can build the ADU.

Without proper license and certification, a building contractor may not be legally allowed to build and set up ADUs in San Francisco. Working with such companies can lead to financial and legal consequences.

To help you save time and money, work directly with an ADU specialist.

Does the ADU Contractor Provide References?

If you’ve shortlisted the number of contractors to just a couple of options, you can start interviewing them and ask questions or discuss your concerns.

How the professional speaks to you and guides you through your queries will give you an idea of whether or not they’re the right ADU contractor for the job.

Companies that have a good reputation will always share their previous work or client details with potential customers. To further ensure that you’re working with a legitimate and experienced contractor, ask them for some references to help you find more information about the business.

Contact the references and talk to them about their project and their experience with the contractor. It will help you get insights into how the construction company operates, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Is the ADU Contractor Good at Communication?

A good ADU contractor will always prioritize communication throughout the project.

Building ADUs and setting them up requires constant input from the customer, and by discussing their requirements along the way, experienced professionals are able to deliver the project according to their client’s needs.

Does the ADU Contractor Provide a Timeline?

While good things can take time, it’s crucial for you to understand that you need a return on your investment as soon as possible.

Whether you’re looking to build an accessory dwelling unit for rental income or have a new home to live in with your family, you need a good ADU contractor who sticks to the deliverables and completes the project on time.

General contractors may have a lot of things going on, and they may not be able to give you and your project the commitment needed. You must work with ADU contractors who can deliver your accessory dwelling unit on time.

Is the ADU Contractor Transparent?

When working with ADU contractors, transparency is crucial, as you don’t want to end up paying hidden costs or undisclosed expenses in the middle of the project.

A professional representing an ADU construction company must be upfront about all of the costs and details of the project. They must guide you on the pricing and stick to their word.

An ADU contractor who fails to disclose the costs of building and setting up the accessory dwelling unit may print a bill with unexpected expenses, adversely impacting your financial situation.

Does the ADU Contractor Fall Within Your Budget?

While there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best ADU contractor for your project, it’s essential to think about the costs and your budget before signing any agreement.

Some ADU contractors offer premium services, which is why they may cost more than other companies. However, that doesn’t mean that all expensive professionals provide a good quality of work.

There are many scammers or unprofessional ADU companies out there who will charge you more for your project while delivering a poor standard of work. On the other hand, new contractors may offer lower rates than others to build their portfolios.

Whether it’s kitchen planning or setting up an accessory dwelling unit on your property, you must consider other things besides the pricing per square foot to determine the right ADU contractor for your project. These include the following:

  • Favorable terms of service;
  • Resources to receive permits;
  • A valid general liability insurance; and
  • Positive customer reviews and ratings across multiple platforms.

Schedule a Free Consultation with the Best ADU Contractors in San Francisco

When deciding to build a new tiny house or living space, it’s better to find ADU contractors with good experience and knowledge, as they can help with planning the construction and executing the project while circumnavigating the pitfalls and legal challenges associated with setting up accessory dwelling units in San Francisco.

Working with the right contractor can save you time and money and ensure a comfortable ADU that complies with all the state and local laws. We hope that this guide helps you identify a construction company that caters to your needs while being within your budget.

What are you waiting for? Schedule a free consultation with the best ADU contractor in San Francisco now to discuss your new house project and plan the construction. They can build your ADU according to your needs!

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