i’ve always slept like absolute ca-ca, and it’s been like this my entire life. when i was a kid growing up in the sweltering san fernando valley, i’d put wet socks on my feet to try and help me sleep because they felt like they were burning off. as i’ve gotten older, i’ve tried melatonin, cbd gummies, i even tried ambien way back when. breath exercises, acupuncture — check. no cell phones or tv in bed — check. i hear it’s a troubling issue that plagues a lot of us. so, what is the answer? why is it happening to so many of us? i have my theories (too much stimulus?), but it’s been like this vicious cycle for as long as i can remember: i can’t sleep, so when morning arrives, i’m groggy because i’m just entering deep rem sleep; bed finally feels so heavenly, but it’s time to get up and start my day. ugh. but i’ve started some new practices, and along with keeping my bedroom pretty zen, here’s my latest sleep protocol (as they like to call it these days), and it seems to be helping, so i thought i’d share, and i would love to hear your thoughts on getting a better night’s sleep.

i want to preface this by saying i know that so many of you have families or live-in mates, so some of these sleeping tips may sound undoable, or at the very least, a selfish luxury. i am aware — but since i am single and not exactly by choice, if i’m going to live happily single, i feel i owe it to myself to embrace and enjoy the selfish bits as much as i can. but hopefully, some of these ideas will be helpful to all of us walking zombies — we all deserve sleep, especially those of you with others to care for!

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