Dada Uzak Orman is a dream come to life, meant to be spread and shared with the world. It’s an invitation for all of us to find peace; an appeal to protect our past, use resources wisely, and create sustainably.

A tranquil oasis tucked away in a sprawling forest an hour from Istanbul, Dada Uzak Orman is home to an antiquated museum and restaurant that can be rented for special occasions. The slow farming movement has taken root here too, with its blueberry and lavender fields providing fresh crops year-round. Of course, four guesthouses are also available – gracefully appointed with carefully chosen antiques and comfortable furniture that promote gusto over luxury. A stay at this unique location will surely delight the senses!

The brilliantly creative Parcour Studio team set out to develop a design language that would be influenced by the past. As part of this vision, they’ve completely revitalized their brand identity. When you step inside, you will enter an entirely different era! Their immersive experience takes visitors on a memorable journey through time and space.

The emblem was created by drawing inspiration from the wind roses featured on rooftops. We chose a palette of rustic tones to complete the styling.

Dada Uzak Orman branding by Parcour Studio
Dada Uzak Orman branding by Parcour Studio

Designers: Deniz Damar & Burak Tığlı

All images © by Parcour Studio.

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